Sunday sketch day / Cheltenham

Got up at 9:30 today. Was so tired – no idea why. I was going to shoot blue slippers today, but I ran out of time because we needed to go to Ponsonby to get my birthday present. We went to il forno afterwards for chai latte and croissant – the only bakery in Auckland that gets it right.

It was Astrid’s first trip out in the baby bjorn which she was pretty happy about until it came time to sit in the cafe and she continually banged me with her head until I took her out of it and sat her on my knee. So there goes the idea of hands free in cafes without the bugaboo.

Was going to meet Tammy at the eco show this afternoon but it hasn’t quite worked out. Which means I can now open my birthday present early and play with that instead. Silly thing was though the entire reason I have bought this pen (Rotring EF Sketch) was so that I can use my own coloured inks in it – but we forgot to buy the empty refillable ink cartridge thing for it.

We went for a walk on Cheltenham beach this evening. Well, no, we went for a walk up the main street in Devonport, had an Amstel (on tap) at a cute European type cafe. I was so easily lured in by the Amstel on tap sign!! We sat at a rustic table and chairs, while Astrid slept in the baby bjorn, and sipped beer. She woke up and started headbutting me so we had to drink up and leave. Then we got hamburgers and potato fritters and went and sat under the pohutukawa at Cheltenham. It was pretty windy and Kevin’s serviette blew into someones property. He went after it and then gave me his rubbish to look after.







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