To do / Birkenstocks

ach. I am spoilt for choice. There are too many things for me to do. Too many fun things. And I now am officially working again. Hmm. And I did promise I would do my assignments this month so I can get my qualification. Right o. Then here is a list of things I must do – preferably in March but I’m not sure that’s possible:

  • The Square website
  • Meta website
  • Do my assignments and hand in
  • Finish case studies and hand in
  • Business Plan for Anknel and Burblets
  • Branding work for new client
  • Copy for Anknel and Burblets – this week to write up the stones’ properties

And here is my secondary list:

  • Sew camera bags
  • Contact clients and tell them I am back working again
  • Put all of last years photos in my photoblog site

That lot should see me up to May I reckon once some more bits of work have come in. Polly and Steve gave me a pair of pinking shears for my birthday – they are fabulous and I can’t wait to make some stuff! Next project is camera bags for me and Kevin. They’ll be denim with a bit of Japanese fabric.

Can you tell from my craft table that I’m ready for some sewing action?

Shoes of the day are my Birkenstocks on my magic carpet which I bought in India. The Birkenstocks were bought when I was pregnant and my feet had ballooned up so much they were all I could wear. I secretly wear them every day. And everywhere. I definitely heart my Birkenstocks. Nailpolish is pink, by Anna Sui and smells of Roses.







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