Gypsea delicious

Hmm. I believe I do not know how to spell gypsy. Ah gypsy. Not gypsea. Tonight we took Astrid out to the Gypsy Tea Rooms and got rather merrily happy on rosé – suitably called ‘wooing tree’. Polly was certainly wooing after two glasses. Or did we have three? Astrid had a lovely time all cosied up in her new Nature Sway sling. Now we have the sling we can take her anywhere and she is one happy girl. Cosy, warm, cuddled and well fed.

Onwards and upwards to the top floor at Delicious where we had a delectable riesling, signature ravioli with buttered sage and pannacotta with biscotti and a flat white. Paradiso.

Hooray for Astrid’s first night out. And hooray for the Nature Sway sling. A certain life changer.







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