It’s fun having fun!!

Gosh. What a week of blur. Astrid had her first virus – caught, of course, from the hospital. Yes, the respiratory ward. She’s shaken it off very quickly clever girl.

We went to Salvage in Mt Eden the other day and picked up a bargain piece of barkcloth (now a tablecloth) for only $15. I love having my pocket money from skincare sales!! I actually found it quite exhilarating only having $21 in my wallet and I always end up with much cooler stuff than if I spent lots of money.

Astrid also did her first sleep-through today. She woke up at 6:20am and we went and looked out the window at the gentle rain and the lush tress in such beautiful light. I didn’t want to photograph it because I just wanted to enjoy the moment. It’s so nice being up that early with the quiet rain in the cool air. It is such my favourite weather at the moment!!! yay yay yay!!!

Yesterday Astrid dozed all afternoon in the lovely Autumn sun. Not too hot anymore and it’s sooo relaxing and sleep inducing.



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    what a beautiful beautiful picture!

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