Once in a lifetime

Well, I hope not. But I think the private garage sale we went to last Thursday was indeed a bit of a once in a lifetime event. Polly and I trotted over to her neighbour’s house to go through an entire room brimming with bin bags full of retro fabric, sheets, towels, kitchenware, toys and wool.

I just took everything that looked good and ended up filling the hallway with my stuff! Polly and I were like little vultures and I did have to act fairly quickly each time a bag was emptied as Polly tends to be a bit faster off the mark than me. That said, we do have different taste (sometimes) and I was over the moon with all my new treasures!

This is what the living room looked like before the washing started:

It took three days to wash everything. Especially as I managed to break the washing machine in the process. The washing line did look very pretty for a few days:

I have yet to sort out the kitchen items which are currently all piled up on the kitchen dresser. A lot of this is going to be just perfect for kids parties!!!

I got four old style suitcases which are made of a kind of heavy cardboard. They’re just amazing and will make quite a nice display once we’ve decorated the house. At the time though they were perfect for transporting my fabric haul.

Not forgetting the many balls of wool I picked up which were dated from 1962 and 1967. Did I mention many of the items had their original receipt and date of purchase. What I haven’t photographed yet is all the toys. Most of them are still in their original packaging too. That’s a job for another day.

This pile of sheets and pillowcases is destined to be cut up for summer hats and bags. I’m also going to make a little series of stuffed cubes for Astrid’s ceiling out of these as they’re lovely and colourful, and she just loves looking at the ceiling!

We did need some little towels for Astrid too so I picked up several – they’ll make fabulous beach towels for her too when she’s a bit older. They are just so colourful!

All items were unused and many in their original packaging.
Total spend: $210 (around £70).
Most items cost 10c, 20c, 50c or $1.
A few, especially the kids toys were $4.







15 responses to “Once in a lifetime”

  1. Eren avatar

    Charlotte, found your blog via flickr after admiring (and drooling over) your thrifted linens. If you do not find copies of the Adorn magazine, let me know and I will mail you a few copies. They are wonderful and so is your new blog!

  2. Yvonne avatar

    I so love your loot. I’m actually a bit jealous – LOL!! Also love, love your pictures.

  3. jo avatar

    amazing stuff!!! wow!!

  4. VaxGirl avatar

    I saw you pics on Flickr too. I think you found the garage sale that exists only in my dreams! Such beautiful things you got!

  5. Liquid Sky Arts avatar
    Liquid Sky Arts

    You lucky thing, what treasures!
    I love the photo of all of the vintage linens drying on the line.

  6. the wine makers wife avatar
    the wine makers wife

    What a charming post!! In have never seen or read about a garage sale that good. We just don’t have them in California!! There full nof Fiesta ware and broken lamps. Blech. Thank you for such a charming post!

  7. pinksundrops avatar

    Oh my gosh that looks like pure heaven!! What a steal! I can’t wait to see all the fun things you do with it! Oh and your sweet baby is absolutely adorable!

  8. Nonnie avatar

    Hi, just found your blog via Yvestown. Lucky you to find such beautiful things. I love the towels and bright fabrics.

  9. string*THEORY avatar

    man!! you really made out like a bandit!! if only i should be so lucky…someday…maybe someday:)

  10. Kathy avatar

    Wow! You are the luckiest person in the world!!!

  11. Victoria May Plum avatar
    Victoria May Plum

    Hi Charlotte,
    Just found you through Yvestown, I am drooling over your little suitcases. I have only just written a blog, myself, about the joys of suitcases. But I digress, I wanted to say how much I love all your finds – great thrifting!
    Victoria x

  12. Carson avatar

    Love the shot of the washing line

  13. jen avatar

    What finds! The fabric looks amazing! I would have been such a vulture going through the sale.

  14. Pat avatar

    oohh lucky you – doesn’t it make your heart beat faster when you find a treasure chest!Like the idea of summer hats…….

  15. Ursula avatar

    Lucky duck! True, sales with that type of loot are once in a blue moon, but that’s why I perceiver. The pic of pegged kerchiefs is breathtaking ~ I can almost smell the fresh linens !

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