A good post day and the joy of foliage

Today my much awaited parcel from Sweden arrived, brimming with vintage table linens and an embroidered wall-hanging. The postman also delivered the SylvaC vases from the Waikato at the crack of dawn. The vases, which I’d forgotten I had bid on, were $1 for all three. Such a bargain if ever there was one!!!! They are all absolutely gorgeous shapes and one is textured in hydrangea flowers. I couldn’t believe my luck that nobody else had bid on them…

I’ve been doing a bit of household admin today, and at three I sat down for my daily quiet reflection and a cup of coffee when Astrid woke up and has been grizzly ever since. As the magic sling is good on these occasions I popped her in and went out to the garden to pick some flowers and foliage. It being Autumn we’re a bit short on flowers, but the leaves and berries are just wonderful. The Japanese Anemones and Dahlias are also in bloom so we picked some of those in between the heavy bouts of rain. It’s been dark and moody today and we’ve even had a spot of lightning.

So in we came and spent an hour or so putting the arrangements together. I really love foliage. I never really realised it existed until late last year when we were selling our house and I couldn’t afford too many flowers so had to buy ‘leaves’.

Wow – well what a discovery that was. They a so good at creating the structure in an arrangement and one then uses the flowers as decoration.

It makes life much easier – before when I had tried to create an entire arrangement just from flowers it would all just flop because there wasn’t anything to hold them up. Now when I use just a few stems of foliage my arrangements are so much more professional looking.

With this arrangement I lay the leafy twigs down into the posy vase and carefully placed the flowers in and around.







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  1. Eren avatar

    Beautiful, simply beautiful. I swear you take the most gorgeous photos.

    And I have a grumpy one here today too. Teeth I think?

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