Baby steals the show

Well we got the camera out today to take pictures off all the things I have made for Astrid in the past week. She is just so photogenic I was snapping away and ran out of battery – but fortunately not before she totally took me by surprise when she rolled from her tummy onto her back! Another big milestone!!!

So, now. I made the little leaf body suit by buying a pack of 5 bodysuits from Primark for £2.50. That out of the way we only need to make the leaf.

Now, technically one could print the leaf straight onto the bodysuit, but as this was my first go I printed onto a separate piece of cotton and hand sewed it on.

The next step is to apply some fabric paint to a leaf, put the leaf face down on the fabric, cover with newspaper and use a roller to roll over it thereby transferring the paint from the leaf to the fabric. And voila! My first ever fabric printing. For a more detailed tutorial have a look here.

Astid was so thrilled she thought she’d do a victory lap!!

The little pants are made with some really cute corduroy we found at Spotlight. They didn’t actually have any on a roll though – we found it on a dummy made up into trousers. So we sneakily undid the two half metre pieces they had pinned onto the dummy to make up the trousers. When the lady asked where we got the fabric I kind of looked up at the ceiling and whistled while Polly invented a good story.

Here’s Astrid doing her first ever roll in her fab news trousers!!! Look at me world!

They’re lovely and warm. It’s the colder weather that has brought about this sudden bout of sewing and crocheting. And Astrid has just had a mad growth spurt and outgrown all her clothes overnight.

Once that battery is charged it’ll be another modelling session for Astrid.






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