Easy top and pants + crochet

I used a Cath Kidston jersey knit for the little top and have so far made 2 pairs of little pants – the kimono ones, and the corduroy pair. On the cord pair I used elastic to gather the waistband and ankles and kimono pair uses vintage silk ribbon.

Astrid’s also wearing her new little hat, which was a nice easy crochet.

The wool is Kimono Angora by Louisa Harding – from Loop of course. The pattern is in the book How to Crochet.

The jumper is made of pretty heavy wool, but I wanted to make a warm jumper that she’ll grow into, that will last the next six or so months.

I just did 2 straight panels: 22 rows of 50 stitches in treble using a 4.5 hook. The sleeves are 35 stitches, 7 rows before I started decreasing. Each row after that I decreased 3 stitches at the start and end of each row for 7 rows. The sleeves are comparatively short, but I will add to the length as Astrid grows.







2 responses to “Easy top and pants + crochet”

  1. Amy O'Neill Houck avatar
    Amy O’Neill Houck

    She looks darling in the sweater–i think it fits her fine–wouldn’t want her to grow out of it too quickly! Great schematic, thanks!

  2. Lesley avatar

    You’re so talented! Designing and making clothes like that. They’re fantastic! I love seeing your original sketches – so interesting to see how you create plans. Astrid looks really cute too.

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