Time out

Have had a bit of time out from flickr and my blog as I’ve just spent way too much time on ‘the fun stuff’ and not been earning my keep. So I’ve written up a timetable and got my teeth into some bits of client work.

I’m still beavering away on my new brand for my shop. In fact I have quite a few brands which will all fit in neatly under the main shop umbrella. Yes the butterflies are all part of the master plan, which has been hatching since 1999 – so it will be well thought out to say the least.

Also in the studio there have been ads designed, new websites being built for clients and aromatherapy case studies and assignments getting finished off so I can get my diploma.

I’ve started seeing clients for custom skincare and dispensing medicated preparations which is what I really love. I must confess I’m not especially interested in massage at all (although I do enjoy it at the time). Mind you I did only study aromatherapy so I could make products so that’s all worked out then.

Friday is craft day which is the day I look forward to most. I made some cushions two weeks ago and gave them away before I photographed them. Last Friday I made a start on the bugaboo bag which took quite some time to complete. It was definitely the most ambitious sewing project I’ve undertaken. This is all now possible thanks to my new sewing machine of course. My lovely retro sewing machine might look cool but it was super annoying when the bobbin jammed up every two minutes.

Some fabric hoarding has also been taking place. The best news is that on a walk around the neighbourhood I found an old fashioned and cheap little fabric shop quite close by. Next time I go back I’m getting the bright yellow corduroy.

Kevin and I set to painting the interior at last. We managed one coat in the kitchen and the second part of the hallway. Anyway it’s a major improvement.

I must say life with a timetable is great. Even it I don’t achieve everything on it it does provide me with a framework for the week and I am getting so much more done instead of sitting around wondering what I have time to do or what I should be doing. Speaking of which, today is client work day.







3 responses to “Time out”

  1. emma avatar

    Hey Charlotte, love your blog, I make bags just like your bugaboo one…I call them mamma bags!

  2. Nicky avatar

    Hi Charlotte, Just popped over from Yvestown. I’m inspired by your timetable idea as my life is in constant chaos. I’m off to bed now with a notepad and pen, ready to get started on my timetable for the week! Wish me luck, there’s a lot to fit in it 🙁 x

  3. Tanja avatar

    Hey Charlotte!

    What a nice blog! I just found it via Yvestown. You have taken lovely photos. Fabrics are my passion and I also love Cath Kidston print fabrics! Discovering new, interesting blog is always fun.

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