Tickled pink

My timetable went a bit skew wiff this week because I visited my mum on Friday so on Saturday I was going to continue craft day but instead spent most of it in hospital after falling out of the front door and dropping Astrid. Eeek. This is the same week we took her to a craft show where the music was so loud she screamed louder than the music. Cue one very fast exit!!

On Sunday morning I awoke to a very sore ankle and a flood of emails proclaiming new flickr contacts and blog comments. Hmmm. Something was afoot…. and that something was Yvonne !!

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I just grinned and grinned for ages. How funny that my blog makes her want to do a little dance I chuckled away to myself. I’ll have to let her into the secret of my happiness – and that’s the ability to squeak (not hum) the song, “stop in the name of love” (and do all the moves at the same time) whilst outside admiring vintage hankies on the washing line. With your boyfriend listening.

Anyway, I thought, high time for a little blog update. There’s bag-making a-going-on but here’s a quick little tour of my day:

Oscar just generally being cute and happy whilst settling in. Rufus is being a bit of a big meanie still. But we love Oscar.

Some knitting. I’ve been doing this since last September. One day it will be a blanket for Astrid . It’s taking so long I will probably have to make a single bed spread. My guess is it’ll be done in three years. So far I’ve done 60 squares.

Current work in progress. Shopping bags for Kevin. These will be unbleached calico with applique bonsai prints on the front. I got the teatowel from a thrift shop. It looks like an old 70s one with three beautiful bonsai arrangements. Hopefully finished tomorrow night !!

Freshly arrived post + new pincushion. Yep, some yummy japanese craft books with dresses for little girls. Mmm full of lovely Liberty prints. Very glad I spent a lot of time at Liberty while I lived in London.

Currently reading – see above. I just love the library. Books are so much more expensive here, so I get everything I could possibly imagine out from the library and if something is a keeper I’ll order it. ( The Practical Knitting book was $1 at the fleamarket. ) Out of this lot I would buy Cath Kidston’s in print, stitch and the Florence Broadhurst one. But I won’t because I want the Lotta Jansdotter one instead. Which they don’t have at the library yet!!!

These flax baskets were a bargain at $10 each from Onehunga, and they fit all my fabrics in (except the huge cupboard full in the laundry) which is much better than squashing them into a big Liberty bag where they’d lived for too long. They’re great and have totally improved my life!!

Today’s timetable item: aromatherapy day. Yes! One day soon I will get my diploma! I am writing up all my case studies and then finishing assignments, so I’ll be a few more Mondays yet… it was soo tempting to just make today craft day again, but that would mean I would never get my diploma. I just love the timetable for helping me be so disciplined about my tasks.

Oh yes, so the point of this post was that my timetable went out a bit on Friday – ah how could I possibly miss craft day…. so off I go back to my bag sewing and a nice cup of chai.



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7 responses to “Tickled pink”

  1. Nonnie avatar

    I have a pile of knitted squares too which I think will be ready to become a blanket by about 2012! I made a knitted pram blanket for my nephew a couple of years and it took me the whole time my Sister was pregnant. I was still stitching it up the day we went to visit him for the first time. So now I’ve started another blanket for us(not a pram blanket!)but as I say, it might be some time before I finish it. I like your idea of a timetable for getting things done. Should do that myself.

  2. Amber avatar

    Hi–I’m new to your site, having found it from your Flickr photos. Great photos BTW! I wanted to pop in and say hi and tell you how much I love those fabric prints in the basket.

  3. Anonymous avatar

    I’m new to your blog also.We like the same books!
    I live in the States.I’d do a trade for the Simple Sewing book if you would like…
    🙂 Laura
    [email protected]

  4. Nuttula avatar

    Hi, I found your blog via Yvonne. I like your style and pictures very much. Everything looks so fresh and cheerful!

  5. Yvonne avatar

    I should start knitting a blanket. I need some good yarn and I need a good bed to put the blanket on ha! The CK books are great (of course) and I also love that Simply sewing with a French Twist book. Have a happy day :o)

  6. Lesley avatar

    It made me giggle when I read that you timetable yourself. I do that too!! If I don’t nothing seems to get done. 🙂

    P.s. Thanks for the birthday wishes. x

  7. angie avatar

    Hello, just found your blog via Yvonne…. I would love to hear more about the aromatherapy diploma and the institution that offers it…

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