Little Orchard

I am very much loving Vessel Wednesday. I love how it gives me a simple task each week to complete. I have been really happy with the photos I’m taking for it. Thanks to Carson for thinking up such a brilliant idea! Today’s image is of a lilac porcelain bowl by Mud Australia. It is my absolute favourite item ever. In fact I’ve never actually used it – just carted it around from one side of the world to the other and back. As of today it’s officially a fruit bowl for organic granny smiths. : )

Thank you all so much for visiting and saying hello! I hope I have been and visited everyone who’s left messages here – but if I’ve missed anybody I’m terribly sorry – please give me a prod!!

My new little label I’m working on is called Little Orchard. It came about because people simply cannot say, let alone remember, Anknel and Burblets. (try looking away now and spelling out For those of you who are wondering, Anknel and Burblets are my childhood fairies. I’ve many stories to tell of all the fun and exciting things we made and got up to – but that’s another post altogether.

So, which typeface do you like best for using in the logo ?

Little Orchard is the chosen name because we are turning our place into a little orchard – with heaps of fruit trees and a (small) meadow out the front! We’re also putting in a big vege garden and I’m going to grow aromatic plants for culinary purposes and making my own essential oils and hydrosols. It’s so exciting being able to do all of this now. I think having children is such a wonderful thing to do at this time in life.

For the shop I’m beavering away on designing some fabrics, sewing things and finishing my aromatherapy diploma so we can officially dispense the magical Anknel and Burblets potions. We’ll have hairclips and girly things by Lotte Lello too. And of course some yummy butterfly prints. Yay I can’t wait till it’s all ready – I am just brimming with ideas and excitement!!

Kevin was off work ill today so he looked after Astrid while I finished sewing our His ‘n’ Hers shopping bags – pictured above. Now, is it strange that I just want to line everything?! I am totally doubling my workload but I am not sure I could manage to have an unlined bag anymore. Now I have my wonderful new sewing machine I could just sew all day!

I will leave you with a photo of our back lawn early this morning in beautiful Autumn light. Hope you all have a wonderful week : )



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25 responses to “Little Orchard”

  1. Magpie avatar

    i love the first font. too cute. 🙂

  2. Pete (Bolls) avatar
    Pete (Bolls)

    Hi Charlotte, Bollops here, off Flickr. I vote for typeface 1 or 4.

  3. Allison avatar

    Hi there. I don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog, but I bookmarked it and I think it’s delightful! I love fonts and thought I’d put in my two cents on your font survery while saying hello: number 3 is my favorite. Have a great day!

  4. pinksundrops avatar

    Oh definently the first! The little droplets coming off the L and O look like apples – perfect for Little Orchard.

    Oh and I am so jealous of your backyard! I feel like I’m laying in a hammock with one of those green apples in hand with a bite out of it just looking at that backyard picture!

  5. Ragged Roses avatar
    Ragged Roses

    Hello – just found your site mentioned on Yvestown and followed the link. Glad I did, what a lovely blog, Yvonne was right! Looking forward to visiting again and love the shopping bags!

  6. Amy H avatar
    Amy H

    I’m another wanderer from Yvonne’s blog.

    I love the first font. That “O” is too, too perfect for the name — it looks like an apple (or some other fruit).

  7. Geertrude avatar

    I vote for the first one too!

  8. emma avatar

    I like font #1, and you’re backyard looks lovely!

  9. Veronica TM avatar
    Veronica TM

    i like the third font, the one that looks like cross stitch. and thos bags…beautiful!
    congratulations on a new sewing machine.
    love your yard and the apples photo.
    thank you for visiting my little ‘home’.

  10. Carson avatar

    Well yes I was wondering about the significance of anknel & burblets actually, so I’m very glad you cleared that up!
    Cheers about vw by the way. It really just started as a little personal obsession of mine and sort of took of! Which is great.
    And my choice is #3.

  11. Yvonne avatar

    Ha ha I was just adding your name to my links list and I had a hard time with Anknel and Burblets! I love the cross stitch typeface, your bags, your house the crochet blanket … uh everything as usual!

  12. Jodie avatar

    hello, Just wanted to say i love number one – it looks kind of organic to me.

  13. Lesley avatar

    Oh wow! Your plans sound so exciting!! Your enthusiasm is contagious! I vote for either 1 or 4. I like the lowercase of 1 but I think I prefer the typeface of 4 if that makes any sense!

  14. Allison avatar

    I’d pick the first font for sure!

  15. Anonymous avatar

    Number One is great.

  16. the wine makers wife avatar
    the wine makers wife

    I like number 3!

  17. Artsy Momma avatar
    Artsy Momma

    I am also a wondered over from Yvonne’s blog (though I dont remember how I found her blog oh well)

    I would go for the first font as well, absolutely.

  18. Nicky avatar

    Hi Charlotte,
    Yet another visitor from Yvestown, and I wanted to say hello and how much I’m loving your blog. I’m an Aussie living in London (6 years now), planning to move back to Melbourne at the end of the year, so reading about your life in NZ is making me a bit homesick actually…

    Also, I vote for font 1 which is adorable, and can you tell us what it is please?

  19. Charlotte avatar

    Nicky! Haha I am homesick for London ! After living there for many years too it’s hard to give it up.

    The fonts are from

    And the one you like is called Yolanda. I like that one too. And number three. It’s looking like a bit of a tie – but both of them have jobs to do…

  20. joy avatar

    number 1 for me-
    can i come and volunteer at the orchard-maybe that way i will get a closer look at all of your vintage finds from the estate sale. HAH!!

  21. Hurrayic avatar

    Hmmm…I vote for 1 and 3.

  22. Louise avatar

    Hi Charlotte, just found you through Yvestown and what a lovely blog. I love the new name and prefer no 1. You do so many lovely things – fantastic!

  23. Janet Clare avatar
    Janet Clare

    I like fonts 1 or 3. Probably 3 a little more, could be red cross stitch on old soft linen…

  24. lorelei avatar

    I’m a fan of no.1 or no. 4! oh, and I found your blog from Yvestown, so great!

  25. Melissa Haworth avatar
    Melissa Haworth

    I like number 3.

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