Time travel + zips

Thanks everybody for helping me decide on the font for Little Orchard. The final logo design will be announced in the next few weeks!

Today’s Vessel Wednesday photo is of the old milk and cream bottles I happily discovered on a bit of a nostalgia trip last Saturday. They’re joined, on our kitchen table, by a Rosa Pomar print. Do you remember the old milk bottles? Wouldn’t it be great if they brought them back!

For mother’s day Kevin baked a sponge cake (albeit with organic spelt flour and unrefined sugar) which I decorated in true 70s style – with raspberry jam, whipped cream, mandarins and kiwifruit. Lucky I don’t decorate cakes too often then : ) My mum thought it was pretty great though!!

Following my “Tickled Pink” post a couple of weeks ago Laura very kindly offered to do a swap for the Lotta Jansdotter book which I have been not-so-secretly coveting! Yay! Every time I think I’ve decided what I’ll make I find another exciting piece of fabric. Don’t worry Laura, I think I have now decided… (she says, dreamily staring into her pink label bowl).

On Friday night as I drove past my favourite fabric shop, Salvage (deserving of its own post one day), I spotted something truly divine in the window! A quick phone call on Saturday morning secured it – although after our big day of sorting I nearly forgot to go and buy it – but I jumped in the car at twenty to five and raced over.

It’s 3.5 metres worth so I think we’ll get a few bags out of this baby!! (note my glasses on the fabric for size).

The rest of my week has been zips zips zips zips zips zips… I am seriously quite zipped out.

But! I can now sew zips. And I am now good at making pencil cases / glasses cases / makeup bags / tailors chalk cases… Yes! Here are some getting ready to be lined.

I really wanted there to be a way I didn’t have to hand-sew in the lining. But I didn’t find one, and it’s actually very satisfying and beautiful to have hand-sewn lining. Fabrics are Cath (how did I end up with 4 metres of the brown one!!) with Liberty tana lawn lining.

Angie asked earlier about where I studied aromatherapy…

Angie – I studied in London with ITHMA at Regent’s Park College. The reason I chose that particular course was because it was in Regent’s Park (what a joy every weekend to be there) and because they have a class trip to Provence for the chemistry module. Our teacher was Gabriel Mojay who’s quite well known in aromatherapy circles – his method uses oriental medicine as a platform for aromatherapy. Rather tricky to grasp – but once you’ve got it it makes so much sense. Here’s us in France. Yes it rained the whole time!!

And it’s raining the whole time here in Auckland too. Which is good. Because I ♥ the rain. Lots and lots and lots!

Have a fabbo week everybody : )



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13 responses to “Time travel + zips”

  1. suzy @ www.floatingworldviews.com avatar
    suzy @ www.floatingworldviews.com

    Those roses look beautiful in the milk bottles. Love the zip pouches too!

  2. Tonia Conger avatar
    Tonia Conger

    your blog, photos and fabulous creations are a total treat! I hope you know how creative and talented you are!

  3. lindsey clare avatar
    lindsey clare

    hmmm zippers! these are next on my list of Things To Conquer. did you teach yourself or did you use a book or something else?

    p.s. hello, i just found your blog a few days ago and have subscribed with Bloglines. it’s really lovely to read 🙂

  4. Lesley avatar

    You have so many gorgeous fabrics! Those pouches are lovely.

    P.s. Your cake looks very tasty. Hurray for mums!

  5. sugarloop© avatar

    i LOVE rain too! it’s great to “meet” you 🙂

  6. Nonnie avatar

    Yum, that cake looks really delicious. Seeing your lovely zip pouches really reminds me that I must master zips too!

  7. Anna avatar


    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving lovely comments- its always nice to get new visitors! 🙂 your work looks great- are you developing bags for retail?


  8. Tanja avatar

    Adorable pouches! Cath’s Bunches fabric is so pretty – like all her fabrics are. And your name labels are really nice! I fancy my own labels too. But there in Finland is poor choice in name labels. Does anyone have experience of US company Name Maker? Happy weekend to you!

  9. Charlotte avatar

    tanja – I got my labels from minilabels.co.uk

  10. Maria avatar

    What a lovely and colourful blog you have! The pouches are very pretty – those Cath Kidston fabrics are so bright and cheery. I came here from Yvestown and will certainly visit again!

  11. Sadie Olive avatar
    Sadie Olive

    Your blog is lovely! It’s a new one to me. I just love your photos and your little creations! They are so much fun!

  12. Liivia avatar

    Very beautiful bags! I like your blog.

  13. Carson avatar

    Hi Charlotte.
    You’ve probably already done this one already-
    I tagged you.
    See my blog for details.
    Feel free to join in for a laugh.

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