I think it is high time for an Autumn post! The leaves are turning and the ground is slowly becoming littered with beautiful shades of brown, orange and red. Time for me to buckle down and finish up all my current projects – so I can get going on my new ideas.


And yes, here I am at my new online home. Please be sure to update your bloglines subscription. Or, click here to subscribe to the RSS feed. Hopefully the site is all tested properly – but if you do find any glitches or have any comments please let me know : )

Inspired by Alison’s Vessel Wednesday image we’ve now got a weekly order in for a delivery box of organic produce. It reminds me how in London we’d just pop into the local shops at Baron’s Court or nip into Fresh and Wild Soho before getting on the tube – such an enjoyable daily ritual. But with me on maternity leave right now it’s easier – and uses less petrol – to have it delivered. Yay!

organic veges

Soon it will be time for us to dig the new vegetable patch and get ready to order our fruit trees. I am so excited, but I also need to contain my excitement a bit longer while I finish the tasks at hand. We have had such a busy social life (yes, believe it or not!!!) that Kevin and I have barely spent any time during the weekends at home recently. So this weekend we are all set for more painting, curtain-making and for me to start making Astrid’s winter blanket.

Cath Kidston fabrics

I’ve bought a few metres of various Cath Kidston cotton duck fabrics on eBay over the past month or so – for projects around the house – and no doubt a few bags. It’s so exciting having a house to decorate from scratch – although I must admit I’d secretly be quite happy if the walls would all paint themselves white.

And in case anybody was wondering if I’ve made anything with the purple flower fabric – yes I have – and there are designs for skinny handbags with leather handles in the pipeline too.


Funnily, I just about gave myself a heart attack the other day when I got so excited about a piece of vintage French Fabric on eBay and I got my top bid ready and confirmed it at 12 seconds. I didn’t end up with the fabric but it took me about two hours to calm down from the entire experience because I just got totally over-excited about it! I must admit that isn’t a usual occurrence – has that ever happened to you?

In the post this week was a big box of licorice allsorts from a printing company who will do the packaging for my skincare range – hooray for them!


And in outgoing post is my first ever swap – with Laura from North Carolina. I have just looked that up on the map and can report it is on the East Coast – about half way up. I am actually quite keen to visit America – the landscapes look just so vast and breathtaking – and I must confess the thrift shops look pretty good too.

Tempting as it is to show a sneak peek of what is inside this box, I am not going to because it would entirely spoil the surprise!



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7 responses to “Autumn”

  1. itziar avatar

    congratulations on your new home, Charlotte! it’s so crisp and clean :o) i really love it!

  2. lottie avatar

    what a great new blog home! i really like the pared-down look. it is funny how you are gearing up for autumn yet in london, summer is just beginning. your comment about popping to the shops to pick up produce made me smile as I often wish I could have a box delivered or at least buy in bulk but i know it would never get finished as hectic city life would get in the way. one day…

  3. Nicky avatar

    I do like your new web home. Now how about more amazing pics of your real home as you decorate it? You get me all excited to own my own place again (not that I have an ounce of creativity in me).

    As for the ebay, have you looked into It’s a service that will save your bids and put them in with seconds to spare. It’s also good because you can edit your max bid right up to the end, in case you’re like me and get overexcited at finding something and later regret it 🙂

  4. Elsa Castelo avatar

    That’s a very nice blog home you have here.

    It’s such a nice feeling to have a new home to decorate …

    Good Weekend

  5. Laura avatar

    Charlotte come visit! I’d love to go thrifting with you .We have great flea markets too!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Anna avatar

    Ooooh the autumn thing is so true. It is a weird transitional stage (wardrobe angst) now… am looking forward to toasting marshmallows by the fire though!

  7. Lesley avatar

    It feels like Autumn is coming here too at the mo! It’s been freezing the last couple of days!

    I love the idea of a veg box being delivered. Lots of lovely, fresh, local veg. What are those green things on the right hand side of the basket on the left?

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