Polaroid fun

I bought myself a polaroid camera last October and was, only afterwards, told I couldn’t get the film for it as it’s quite an oldie. Went into the shop today to see what we could do and it turns out I only need regular 600 film. Trés cool!

The viewfinder is a bit all over the place so it’s total guesswork in these early days where to actually point the camera !!!







7 responses to “Polaroid fun”

  1. paper.string.cloth avatar

    Gorgeous! I love polaroids…..they kind of live in the same realm as vinyl records and typewriters….warm and lo-fi and beautiful…..

  2. Emily S. avatar

    I LOVE your new site. Spiffy.

  3. shula avatar

    Random Polaroids.

    How wonderful.

    I do so love polaroids. Like shooting another time. They’ve got that whole super 8 look about them.

  4. Maria avatar

    Polaroid photos are so beautiful! They have such an unpretentious feel to them, like the picture had just unintentionally emerged.

    This new site is really nice, very fresh.

  5. Tanja avatar

    Lovely shades of blue and green in your polaroids!

  6. Veronica TM avatar

    i love your polas and i love polaroids in general, the feel is so different.
    congratulations on your new ‘home’, it looks great!

  7. Lesley avatar

    Your new site looks great! I go away for a few days and I can’t believe how much things change!

    I love polaroids… they’ve got such a nostalgic, stylish look to them. It’s like having a time machine!

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