Today’s vege box; we got the medium size just to see what it was like as we could have done with more fruit last week.


Looks like cauliflower will be on the menu and I think I see a pear cake on the horizon. Must get some walnuts for rocket salad with parmesan and pears. Roasted squash on brown rice with caramelised red onion. Spinach and kumara soup. More beetroot salad! The mandarins are super sweet and delicious – I have already eaten three!

What would you make?






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  1. paper.string.cloth avatar

    I used to do the same thing when I lived in Melbourne…..this great organic store would deliver the box of yummy fruit and vegies, but they would also include a couple of recipes on what to make from the things included in the box. It was brilliant……

  2. jen avatar

    Charlotte – I just love your blog and your photos. Mind if I link to you from my blog?

  3. kimchi avatar

    oh yummy! butternut squash! mmm…eat a couple more mandarins for me! :o)
    i would try making a halva with the carrots–an Indian halva that is. the recipe my housemate used was called ‘Gajan ka Halva’ i think. it used cream/milk, brown sugar, cinnamon, pistachios, and coriander and some golden raisins…and a few other things i think. she grated the carrots.
    if you ever get purple potatoes in your delivery, those are so yummy! and so much fun to have purple/blue mashed potatoes! :o) have a great day! came here via string theory.

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    Charlotte, I love your blog. I think you should make a roast kumara salad with cumin, feta and a mixture of toasted seeds (pine nut, pumpkin, seasme etc)

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    Hey Charlotte – I’ve been lurking so long, and its about time I dropped you a note – and your veges have inspired me! Our favourite soup (and we’ve introduced others to it too) is a pear and kumara soup. Its unexpectedly good. I can dig the recipe out for you if you like. Anyways! Happy cooking. –cousin Jane.

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