Garden magic

I was making tea earlier and looking out at the garden I noticed steam coming off the leaves and a beautiful spider’s web sparkling in the sunlight. I just had to take some pictures to show you how beautiful it was.

It is cold this morning. And still. Just magic!

And… this time four years ago Kevin and I had not quite met – but only a few hours from now we would meet on a hot hot day at the Garden Gate next to the Heath. We spent the whole day together until 10 and again the next day… and the next… and the next…

Bon anniversaire Kevin : ) xx

img_7052.jpgThe other good news is that our grapefruit tree is coming on for a second run. And the garden is absolutely filled with new bulb growth – Spring will be like a magical mystery surprise garden show.






3 responses to “Garden magic”

  1. Carson avatar

    The dill is esp. pretty

  2. Laura avatar

    very pretty…i’m waiting by the mailbox! xo

  3. Lesley avatar

    That’s so sweet! Happy anniversary!

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