Scandinavian Style – Petit Pattern Book

I ordered this book a while back when I was putting in an order at YesAsia for another book I saw over at Sugarloop.

My order was about five dollars below the free delivery amount. I did think twice before merrily adding it to my basket, as it was expensive. Like $39 expensive. Eep. But it came with a CD and my curiosity was piqued. And why buy an $18 book just to make up numbers. May as well get something good, right? Yes.


It’s a royalty-free pattern book. You can use the patterns for personal and work use – ie for brochures, web layouts, business cards, but you can’t use it to make stuff that you are going to sell – like a range of greeting cards or fabrics for example.

But also – and this is a big but also – it is an amazing design reference book and fabulous for inspiration. It’s got some cute ideas for making stuff too:


The CD contains .eps and .jpg files and a template for a pincushion you can make if you get some inkjet fabric.


There is a total of 140 patterns and it comes with instructions in English on how to use the patterns in Photoshop and Illustrator. Plus instructions on making a wall canvas, shopping bag and aforementioned pincushion.







Oh, and just so you are prepared – it is petite – around a5 in size.

ISBN: 4-86100-386-5
Buy it here







11 responses to “Scandinavian Style – Petit Pattern Book”

  1. bernadette avatar

    *Hee* I did the same thing – I also ordered this book along with the Northern European Kawaii Fabric book to get free shipping! I’ve since found out that there is a whole range of Petit Pattern Books – ‘so tempting to collect them all!

  2. charlotte avatar

    *ha* if you hadn’t bought it I’d have never known about it. The wonders of blogging and online bookstore recommendations!

  3. Nora avatar

    What a great find! Thanks for the link.

  4. cristina avatar

    ooh damn…your doing nothing to improve my excessive shopping habits – this book looks awesome!!

  5. Zoe avatar

    Hi Charlotte

    thanks so much for the recommendation…it looks amazing. Have to buy it!!!! Oh no, more books!!!

  6. Jen avatar

    What a fantastic book! I love the photos you’ve put up.

  7. Astrid avatar

    wow! so much fun in one book!

  8. blair avatar

    What an amazing book, thanks so much for sharing pics of it, and the ISBN #. You have a really lovely page here.

  9. leslie avatar

    that looks great! nice buy.

  10. Cris avatar

    Nice I find out your blog, I was looking for some reviews about this cute little books.

    Your post answer my doubts regarding what I could do with the patterns designs. I may buy for reference but was really looking for something that could use to reproduce on fabrics.

    Just think is interesting that some pictures give you ideas like to print them on bags, etc but than you are not able sell.

    Guess we’ll have to create our owns… Any suggestion about pattern books that are royalty-free for use on commercial works?

  11. Nick avatar

    If you would you like to do invitee articles for my site please let me know, my spouse and I like the way you write.

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