The week that was, or; Do I have a shopping obsession?

After the mad frenzy of the week before last – the past week has been one of consolidation, rest, and er, shopping. I love how writing this blog shows me things about myself. Sometimes coming as a huge surprise. Like, er, do I have a shopping obsession?

I always thought I didn’t buy much. But I am now constantly buying things, filling the house with stuff and then writing about it. Books from the op-shop. Books from the fleamarket. Books from YesAsia. China from the op-shop. China from the fleamarket. Fabrics from eBay. Fabrics from Salvage. Fabrics from Global Fabrics. Fabrics from Frosts. Cameras from eBay. Cameras from TradeMe.

Oh well. Maybe because I am such a creature of habit and I know the shopkeepers so well now I don’t consider it shopping, but simply a form of socialising.

Or could this be what they call nesting? So… to add to my china, fabric and camera collections I have now decided to start collecting records because we’re having bit of an old–technology revival in our house and we’re getting a record player.


Which will go nicely with our new 8mm film camera from the’60s which came in the post today. Complete with original leather case and instruction manual. Oooh just look at it!


Last Saturday Kevin looked after Astrid and I headed out to, you guessed it, the op-shop, Salvage and Global Fabrics. With nobody telling me to hurry up, and both my hands free to rummage.

A gravy boat for $1. It’s Irish. Just loving that pattern. I haven’t even included books I picked up. There’s another post waiting in the wings for my ’80s book collection.


I did a little hop, skip and a jump when I found this – it’s tie fabric!!! Kay at Salvage had two separate people come in last week with tie fabric – something she’d never had in before. There were about eight pieces in all so if you’re in Auckland do go and have a look. The textures are stunning. There were also some bamboo handles for $6 (and there are more) so these little friends shall become a beautiful bag.


And on to Global Fabrics where my new favourite hangout is their offcuts bin. I went to get some wool in pink to make a jacket for Astrid. Instead I got it, reduced, in green. Plus some yummy black linen and corduroy. The pale fabric is just divine – hard to describe but it will make amazing lining for bags. She gave me four metres for $8 – which was half price of half price.

Did I mention they sell Marc Jacobs jersey knit? And the most divine Donna Karan linen in lilac *swoon*.


This is the jacket I’m going to make. Looks a little tricky though. It’s in Girly Style Wardrobe and the instructions aren’t quite step-by-step. So I may just end up making a dress from the easy book again.


Sunday I unloaded my entire fabric collection onto my sewing table and cut out, ironed and packaged up some lovely bits to share with Jen, with whom I’m doing a fabric ‘n’ bits swap. Yay! Here’s the little sneak preview of what went out. All will be revealed when it arrives in Florida.


My word; how the week has flown in a flurry of code and design. I love css so at least I’m having fun. How different it is from a few weeks ago where life was just a leisurely flow of photography, sewing and writing with the odd spot of work…

Have a wünderbar weekend everyone 🙂






20 responses to “The week that was, or; Do I have a shopping obsession?”

  1. q avatar

    but simply a form of socialising

    hah! 😀

  2. cristina avatar

    jeez….i noticed the same thing on my blog “this is what i bought in XXX city…this is what i got at the thrift…look what i got online…” jeesh. theres just too much good stuff out there & your really reviving my love for all things old & camera related with those recent finds of yours:)

  3. q avatar

    btw do you have a photo of your camera collection?

  4. charlotte avatar

    Not yet. But as soon as the Lomo arrives I’ll take a nice family portrait 🙂

  5. Anna avatar

    All this from the woman who told me to save money 🙂 I love the fabrics! And the records have the best covers I love the green one, you can’t just put that in a box away somewhere.

  6. charlotte avatar

    ha ha! So I did! That must have been the week before last! LOL 🙂

  7. Astrid avatar

    this was an interesting post. so many fun goodies you have bought! i don’t think i will start posting about the things i buy. i’m affraid it’s too much… nothing expensive though 😉

  8. Arch avatar

    I absolutely love your gravy boat!!!

  9. Veronica TM avatar

    ok, i am moving to auckland to go shopping with you! what lovely finds! can’t wait to see what you create with those fabrics.

  10. shula avatar

    Nice haul.

    Girl Can Shop.

  11. Anna avatar

    Ohhhh Salvage. I must go there. In fact I have been meaning to go there for ages (its so close) but have just not got around to it. My sister always finds interesting things there. But am in the midst of a post- winter wardrobe shopping cashflow crisis! Too much temptation!

  12. Planethalder avatar

    Just popped in to say hi. Have just discovered your blog and am ravenously devouring your archives now in my feed reader! Thank you for mentioning – what a terrific site. My husband and I have put in a long, long order (our bank balance does not thank you!)!

  13. Emily S. avatar

    Ohh nice long meaty post. Fun stuff.

  14. alison avatar

    Hello there,
    Love the fabric your brought. The two fabric stores you mentioned, are they in Wellington? I’m just over the hill and we just have Evans here which is limited to say the least! I’m almost out of natural linen (brought over from the UK)as I use it in most projects and they just don’t have it here. I’ve tried Spotlight but was informed that they don’t stock natural linen so some pointers with regards to other fanric stores in Wellington would be very much appreciated if you have a moment.
    Thank you!

  15. fred avatar

    Wow that sound like an excellent week, iam 40 years old and I too recently began to buy records again without a player, although I did get a good used one which brings back so many memories, you cant beat putting the needle on the record and hearing that crackle.

  16. pat avatar

    Dear Ms Franklin
    Yes you do have a serious shopping problem. so do i. good isn’t it? heheheh

  17. Alison avatar

    Well you’ve outdone me, and that’s saying something. Did you say Marc Jacobs jersey knit…I am loving wool knits at the moment. I have bought a lot. Different colours. Of course. But a lot.

    I second a photo of your camera collection.

  18. Alison avatar

    I just found your blog and am so jealous of your fabric buying options. That is such a nice selection. By the way, I know what you mean about constantly buying things–I’ve realized lately that I rarely make it home without something purchased in my hands!

  19. jen avatar

    I just wanted to make sure you got my email on how wonderful every little thing was in the package you sent! I keep taking everything out to look at it! Thanks so much again and let me know if you didn’t get my email!

  20. alyson avatar

    I love those polka dots. and I love your blog! very pretty.

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