The magic of flickr friends

And new ones at that.

I was blown away by Jen of String and Scissor’s generosity and her enormous vintage fabric collection that she must have been just bursting to share. I am so so so lucky. Really lucky 🙂

Here is part of my thank you email dotted throughout the photos.


The care that has gone into each little bundle is wonderful and incredible and each a little treasure chest full of beauty.


I hope that in photographing them I have captured a bit of the magic in each one; and the joy of two hours and three cups of tea unwrapping everything!


Astrid and I would like to say thank you from the absolute bottom of our hearts.


We have been absolutely blessed to receive this beautiful gift from you and we feel very honoured indeed to have received a gift which has had such great thought and intention put into it.


And I know you will say, ‘oh don’t be so silly’ but there will be a little extra swap thank you heading out in the post in the next few days.





Thank you Jen 🙂






2 responses to “The magic of flickr friends”

  1. Jen avatar

    Charlotte, that is the nicest post I’ve ever seen. I loved putting this together for you and Astrid and sharing what I’ve been able to collect. Your package was incredible! Your taste impeccable! Your photos are incredible as always.

    I adored each and every thing you sent to me. A fantastic package of incredible variety – photos. scents, buttons, and all the rest. (oh and the jellybeans are being put to good use as a reward in potty training – they are working very well!)

  2. leslie avatar

    oh wow! everything looks amazing and all that fabric…. simply lovely.

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