There’s a new Fred in Town

If you haven’t read it over at Yvestown, Fred has appeared on the blogging scene just recently. Hi Fred!

He emailed me a couple of weeks back telling me about his fabric collection and the next day his wonderful blog materialised just brimming with posts!


I am so glad Fred and WordPress have become such good friends.
Which is good because we all NEED to see Fred’s nice things!


Fred sold some of the fabrics in one of her books to Cath Kidston and he’s got a house full of stuff. According to the man himself, Fred is a MAXIMALIST.

In my email I also told him if I was still in the UK I’d be around there in a flash taking photos for the book he should be writing. And taking some of that vintage fabric off his hands if he needed more space in his basement. Yvonne doesn’t know this but I volunteered her as stylist for the book too.

And Fred most definitely needs to write a book. Which in starting a blog I think he’s begun. And a big YAY for that. The world needs more cool dudes like Fred.






    4 responses to “There’s a new Fred in Town”

    1. Carolyn avatar

      I found Fred through Yvestown too. Not only does he have the most wonderful house and blog, he’s really nice! He answered my rather innane questions and I immediately thought, I like him already!

    2. alison avatar

      Here, here! I stumbled across Fred’s blog recently. What a guy!

    3. lesley avatar

      I’ve been over at Fred’s too. I loved the camping post! And there’s that gorgeous strawberry fabric again.

    4. oldflowers4me avatar

      oh my – i hope fred – is doing a book- his world is divine.singing and jo

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