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I’ve been making Lovely NZ websites. And I’m excited about it! It’s all part of coming back to New Zealand – I feel the need to rediscover this place.

Really, I feel more at home in London than I do here and this is a way for me to go out and talk to people about what they’re doing; and for me to find, and show others, the lovely and interesting in New Zealand and put it all in once place.


We’ll be beginning in Auckland of course, but we’ll start making more weekend trips away. I just can’t believe Kevin is allergic to scallops beause it’s the Coromandel scallop festival in a few weeks. Maybe we’ll just go anyway and I won’t tell him about the scallops.


I would love to hear from people who have suggestions and ideas or who just want to say something about it. You know I only came up with the idea six weeks ago. I can’t believe I’ve actually built the sites and written a few stories already. It’s something I’ve actually been doing for years now – but always working for other people.


So I feel incredibly satisfied and happy about this project.

Very content indeed. (And I’m also in a very good mood because Camper has at last reached our far-flung shores).



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10 responses to “What I’ve been doing”

  1. Arch avatar

    Great websites Charlotte…I think you are doing a fantastic job!

    I completely adore the orange pic with spring flowers! Is it on flickr?


  2. charlotte avatar

    Thanks for reminding me Arch – I totally forgot to put it on flickr!!

  3. Astrid avatar

    I love the idea for these websites. Great work!

  4. Frances avatar

    The websites look great, what a good idea.

  5. Anna avatar

    Ooh I have new Campers too! Can someone please tell me how I have come to own not one but two pairs of red mary- jane style Campers. Is there a theme going on here. If I do get another pair, I think I will get twins ๐Ÿ™‚
    Great work with Lovely NZ- its great to see how its growing!

  6. Anna avatar

    This is a great idea, I can’t wait for more food stories! We were planning a trip to NZ last year, but didn’t quite make it… It will be great to have these kinds of stories available for when we do finally make it over there. Oh and I have a really nice recipe for scallops with a chorizo and green apple salad if you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Mel avatar

    Hi there
    I’ve just checked out your ‘Lovely NZ’ site – it looks really good. What a great idea!! We’ve been back in NZ for a month after a year away and are always on the lookout for interesting things to see and do. I haven’t been up to Matakana yet this time but friends tell me that the farmer’s market up there is pretty good. Next fine weekend we will definitely check out the Clevedon market, it looks really nice. Salvage is also on my list, I had heard about it from blogs, but wasn’t sure what to expect – it’s great to have pictures. As a knitter I have checked out a couple of yarn stores already – my favourite so far is Masco’s wools in the Downtown centre (between the foodhall and the Albert St overbridge). They have a nice selection of yarns there, both international and from small NZ producers, plus knowledgeable staff who are up with the play on the international knitting scene.

  8. jen avatar

    Hi I found your sites through Toastandcupcakes. Im going to visit often and let some of my other crafty NZ bloggy friends know about you
    love your sites keep them up ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. lesley avatar

    I’m with Kevin on the scallops. I tried them for the first time last week and lets just say that a couple of hours later they were seen again! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Your photos are so great. I love that one of the flowers and the fruit too and the one of the long table with all the baked goods. Ahhh… can’t wait to see what other places you discover.

  10. Veronica TM avatar

    what a wonderful idea, charlotte! i visited lovely shops and loved salvage.
    it makes me think of going back to buenos aires and re-discovering all her hidden treasures.

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