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If you would like to put a link to Lovely NZ on your blog please copy and paste the code below. There have been a few problems with me putting the code on this page as the characters keep converting themselves grr! I think this form text box should sort things out. Please email me if you have trouble.






5 responses to “Link to Lovely NZ”

  1. Jussi avatar

    I’ve linked to lovely NZ from my blog – thank you!
    Isn’t Salvage just divine? I grew up in the area, so those shops have so many memories for me anyway, but when I came back to Auckland and visited that shop I just felt at home.

  2. Lindy avatar

    It’s great that you’re trying to get out there and be part of the community. I’ll be linking as well as soon as I get back to England and wordpress lets me post again!!

  3. kimchi avatar

    oh geez, this is so great! I have always wanted to visit NZ and this will allow me to live vicariously thru you until i get a chance to visit the wonderful kiwi-land in person! until then, i’ll bookmark my heart out! :o)

  4. alison avatar

    This is all very exciting isn’t it? A GREAT idea Charlotte! I’ve added the link to my blog and will get something to you by the end of this week. Have fun.

  5. jen avatar

    I love your idea praying it grows

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