More Koharu no Fuku

Well I decided to finally look up the meaning of my favourite book, and it means clothes of the early autumn. And here I am making things from this book in wool. But it’s the easy book and a good one for me to become reacquainted with sewing again.

dress detail

Astrid’s green woolen dress also doubles as a bib, especially when worn with matching scarf. We can last at least a few hours before a full change of clothes is in order.

astrid in green dress and scarf

Astrid’s really starting to blossom. She’s such a friendly smiley fun baby and we are enjoying entertaining each other during the day. Nothing like a big squeal from mummy to elicit a huge smile!!

Later this week we’ll be venturing away from Koharu no Fuku into the realms of Onnanoko no Fuku (girls clothes). We’ll be making a long sleeved top with flower and pocket decoration, using some of the beautiful merino I got from the Global Fabrics sale.







14 responses to “More Koharu no Fuku”

  1. Megan avatar

    Love this outfit – must find myself some books like that. For some reason I just seem to collect piles of 70’s craft books.

  2. Bronwyn avatar

    She’s too sweet. I love the outfit, it looks so cozy – not to mention stylish ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. laura avatar

    she’s such a cutie!
    i can’t wait to see the new dress…i have that book also but haven’t tried to make anything yet.

  4. Tanja avatar

    Oh, how lovely Astrid looks! And so does her new outfit. Can’t wait that you show us a new top! Flower and pocket decoration sound so cute.

  5. erin avatar

    i love the japanese books full of little girl patterns. i plan on making up some clothes for my little ladies to wear this fall.

    astrid is a cutie!

  6. di avatar

    Lovely outfit- the button closure detail is beautiful! happy sewing..

  7. melissa avatar

    that girl and her clothes are just beautiful… wool on babies is the best, don’t you think?
    looking forward to seeing your next piece. x

  8. Veronica TM avatar

    enjoy every moment, charlotte! even though it is a cliche, it is true, they grow so fast.
    i love her clothes and the fabrics you are using.

  9. nonnie avatar

    What a little cutie she looks. The little outfit is really gorgeous. Look forward to seeing the next outfit you make for her.

  10. Alison avatar

    Always good to branch out into other books ๐Ÿ˜‰ – once you start you can’t stop……

  11. Arch avatar

    Fantastic outfit…and Astrid is adorable:-)
    I agree with Veronica TM, they grow up so soon and what remains are lovely memories ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. jen avatar

    I recognize the scarf! I think I just bought that book and its amazing. I made the oversized dress from it. Astrid is adorable and your clothing, beautiful!

    PS Check out my blog – I’ve finally put up a “thank you very very much” message.

  13. lesley avatar

    Astrid looks so adorable. I bet she’s the best dressed baby in town. I love seeing all these beautiful things you make.

  14. Anna avatar

    Oh what a cutie! Little Astrid’s in what I call the ‘Bonny Baby’ stage (that time when they aren’t little babies and have developed into something so darn cute!).
    And very well dressed! Its great to see other mums who dont want the chainstore look ๐Ÿ™‚

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