Of feathers and pillows

Remember the feather pillows I was talking about making – the ones in Simple Sewing with a French Twist? Well, I made one. And I’ve made the covers for two more, but I’m putting off the stuffing part.


Yes, the stuffing part. Next time I’ll be wearing a protective mask and glasses. And maybe a boiler suit.

You know in cartoons when you see someone rip open a feather pillow and all hell breaks loose, well they aren’t lying! Feathers really are totally weightless, and go in one direction. Up.







2 responses to “Of feathers and pillows”

  1. Tanja avatar

    Yes, I do know what you mean. I prefer feather pillows more than wadding pillows. Some times ago I made also this kind of pillow and the result was -yes, a nice pillow but also a horrible view in our courtyard. Feathers everywhere. And I had to explain to our neighbours, that “no, no, our doggy girl didn’t kill a bird. I just made a pillow”. Heh!

  2. Veronica TM avatar

    oh my, but the end result is beautiful!

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