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Photo from a shoot this week for indice.

The past couple of weeks have been so packed full of things happening. Lovely NZ has taken off – especially Lovely Blogs and Lovely Shops – as I’d imagined. Whip Up did a post on it and everyone said they had a big spike in blog traffic. I never really got much past the “I have to create this site” thought, so it’s fun watching what happens.

We went up to Matakana last weekend and met two gorgeous girls at a shop called The Cream of Matakana. They knew Melissa of Tiny Happy and we had heaps to talk about. It’s so very cool when you dig and dig and then just chance upon nice people like that. They are looking for cool and stylie crafty stuff – so all you crafty girls and boys they want to hear from you.

On Monday Astrid and I go in to hospital for the entire week. Tuesday is the day of Astrid’s operation. It’s a cosmetic surgery job to iron out her forehead which fused months before she was born. So, in order for her not to have a pointy head and potentially squish her brain they’re operating on it. It’s a four hour operation and they actually take the whole thing out, reshape it and put it back in. We’ve been leading up to this ever since she was born so it’s going to be so good to get it out of the way. I’m really not looking forward to the long wait while she’s in theatre but I know she’ll be fine – they do this operation six times a year and have been doing it for thirty years and babies don’t die from it.

We’ll be in the hospital until next Saturday so they can keep an eye on her. I’m taking in the last few of my aromatherapy assignments and case studies to write up so I’ll be able to get my diploma.

Little Orchard shop was built yesterday. All it needs now is for me to do some styling and take the product shots. Ingredients and packaging are being sent in from around the world. There are some exquisite little essences on their way. And a very special floral water I have scoured the world for (seriously I spent days and days looking for it). Much as I’d like to buy locally I can’t get everything here. So France and Italy will have to do. Although I do have one organic famer growing me a crop for distillation as we speak. Gosh that sounds so amazing to say that doesn’t it! (I think so).

It’s a culmination of so many years’ work; from the idea – to researching it – to studying in London and finding flickr; where I’ve found so much more inspiration than I’d dreamed of and met so many wonderful and supportive people. If nothing else this has been well thought out – I came up with the idea in 2000(!)

Yay – I have just that minute organised going into Nature Baby tomorrow to do a story on them. I’m photographing three shops tomorrow as I don’t know how much Astrid and I will be out and about after the operation and I’ll definitely be wanting some new content for Lovely Shops.

Right. I had better and go and do the jobs I have successfully put off all day while I’ve been updating the Lovelies.



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  1. suzy avatar

    Good luck for next week, I hope it all goes well. It will be a big relief to have it over and done with.

    And have fun at Nature Baby – I’ve been looking at their catalogue, such gorgeous stuff.


  2. Jussi avatar

    Charlotte – thinking of your family,Astrid will bounce right back, just make sure you have plenty of support – you always under-estimate the emotional impact of these things (even when you feel prepared) Blaise had a spinal fusion 5 years ago when she was 11, like you we had known for a long time that this day would come – but we still weren’t prepared for the tidal wave of feelings (she was fine – up in a day, out in 6 – couldn’t keep her down!) it will be the same with Astrid – she will wonder what all the fuss is about.
    As for Lovely NZ – you deserve all of the accolades – you have done a great job!

  3. Alison avatar

    So much to say to this post –
    I know operations on small kids/babies is hard, much harder on the parents than on the baby themselves, and so I want to send you many warm thoughts and hugs, and some of Max’s energy for Astrid to recover quickly (god knows he has enough to go round).
    Your products – I really can’t wait till they’re available and you’re up and running – how exciting for you!!
    And Nature Baby – best striped pants ever. Just how many do we own….

  4. Alison avatar

    Oh, and I totally love that bowl too…

  5. barbara avatar

    Good luck for Astrid’s operation.

  6. Amy avatar

    oh charlotte i’m sending sweet astrid lots + lots of well wishes. thank you for sharing. audrey was born with syndactyly, where two of her fingers were fused together. fortunately they’ll be able to separate them when she turns one. she also wore a little pink harness from january to may for slight hip dysplasia, which is completely fixed now so i can relate with you. only our little girls conditions differ the rest i can identify with. i fear i’m not as good keeping up with blogs as i am with flickr but i will try to be in touch. sending your family a big hug.

  7. Mel avatar

    Hi Charlotte

    My heart goes out to you – we’ll be thinking of you and Astrid next week, sending lots of good wishes for a successful outcome and a quick recovery.

    The Lovely NZ site looks wonderful – you’ve done a fantastic job.

  8. Megan avatar

    Good luck with the operation, as safe and necessary as it is, I am sure it will be nerve wracking.

    As for the rest – you don’t like to sit on your butt do you? I am sure the Little Orchard shop will do exceptionally well.

  9. The Shopping Sherpa avatar

    Oh my, you do the best swap packages!

  10. leslie avatar

    my fingers are crossed! i’m wishing you and astrid the best of luck and an easy ride.

  11. itziar avatar

    Charlotte, i wish you both all the best for next week. i hope everything turns out well and beautiful Astrid has a quick recovery. xox

  12. Violet & Rose avatar

    All the very best for next week. That’s a big thing, I hope Astrid comes through with flying colours. Good luck.

  13. Montse avatar

    Best wishes for next week. I’m sure everything will be fine and Astrid will recover in a breeze. Besos, M.

  14. Nicky avatar

    Good luck for next week. The operation sounds scary but like you said, they do this all the time. I’ll be sending you lots of good thoughts the whole time.

  15. alisonmc avatar

    Good luck to you and Astrid. I’m sure everything with be completely fine.

    Lovely NZ is very cool and I’ve discovered loads of other fab Kiwi bloggers I didn’t know about. Thanks! I’m still getting spiked off Whip Up by the way – it’s a shock!!

  16. di avatar

    Wishing you and Astrid the best of luck for the coming week.
    Baby C is wearing Nature Baby pants as I type. They’re fantastic!

  17. Melissa avatar

    I’m looking forward to hearing all about how wonderfully well Astrid is doing after her big week . . . all the very best to you both

  18. Lindy avatar

    I hope all goes well w/ Astrid- sending positive thoughts your way.

    I’m soo looking forward to Little Orchards grand opening and I have so enjoyed Lovely Blogs/shops.

  19. amy rose avatar

    good luck with the surgery, hope your time in the hospital passes quickly and astrid’s recovery is speedy. sending your whole family warm thoughts.

  20. erin avatar

    thinking of you and astrid – sending lots of happy thoughts your way!

  21. emily avatar

    wishing you well next week.

  22. cristina avatar

    my fingers are all crossed for a smooth operation next week. i know she’ll be fine – Astrid is an absolute champ!

  23. Veronica TM avatar

    you are amazing, charlotte! all the things that you do and you do them so well.
    i am sending you and astrid lots of positive energy for a fast recovery.

  24. Frances avatar

    Good luck for next week.

  25. jen avatar

    Praying for Astrid
    and for you too Charlotte
    I can only imagine what I would feel like if Daniel had such a long op
    wish I could be there with you
    please know you will both in my thoughts and prayers next week

  26. melissa avatar

    all the best little astrid! xx

  27. Anna avatar

    Hi Charlotte,

    Wishing you and your family the best luck over the period of Astrid’s op. I hope things go well for her! 🙂


  28. Arch avatar

    Charlotte- All the very best for Astrid’d operation…things will turn out fine:-)

  29. jen avatar

    Charlotte – Liam had surgery when he was 6 months old and pulled through like a champ. His surgery was on his neck and not serious, but I still worried. Livy was born with a heart defect and finally had to have it fixed at 7 months. I remember handing Livy over to the cardiac specialists just before procedure and it terrified me. It was a long wait, but everything turned out great and I was SO relieved that the thing I’d been dreading since she was born was finally over!

    We’ll be thinking about you, Kevin, and Astrid. I know things will turn out fantastically and it’ll be over before you know it.

    Oh, and bring some toys for her while she’s in hospital. Its excruciatingly boring for them once they feel even a little better.

  30. AnnaA avatar

    Good luck indeed!
    No matter if you “know” it will be okey, it still hurts when it’s ones child…

  31. lesley avatar

    Good luck for next week. I know it will be a relief for you all when it’s done with. Will be thinking of you!

    P.s. Loving watching your other plans come together. It’s all exciting!

  32. pacchai milagai avatar
    pacchai milagai

    sending baby Astrid plenty of good wishes and prayers for speedy recovery.

  33. Emily S. avatar

    Best of luck, Charlotte!

  34. Bronwyn avatar

    I wish you many many blessings and am sending this comment with lots of positive and healing energy for Astrid. As a mommy I am sending you my hopes for inner strength during this difficult time.

  35. Steph avatar

    Good luck with the operation. Kids are always stronger than their parents about these things.

    Wow, a busy week for me is going to the thrift store twice and heres you doing so much it makes my eyes water!!

  36. aga_d avatar

    best wishes and hugs to you and little astrid ! you will be in my thoughts ***

  37. MARYBETH avatar


    MB IN JT

  38. pat avatar

    Oh good luck Charlotte, Astrid and Kevin……. bless Astrid x

  39. Astrid avatar

    I hope the operation went well and that you are all fine now.

  40. Nonnie avatar

    Hi, I haven’t had chance to visit for a while so am obviously way way too late to say I hope Astrid’s operation goes ok. I’m so pleased to see from later posts that it obviously did go well. I can’t imagine how it must be waiting while your child is having an operation. So I just wanted to say that I’m really glad everything is fine.

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