Home again

Just a very quick note to say hello, we are home. Thanks all so much for all the well wishes and thoughts. Astrid was a very brave little girl. She amazed us all. Had it been me I’d have been screaming my head off if I couldn’t see for four days. The little head is no longer black and blue but purple and yellow and the little eyes are slowly opening fully. She’s still quite swollen and she will only sit happily in the car seat or in my arms.

I’ll write a proper post about it all in the next few days. Our little family saying helped us through; “everything is always over in the end”. We’re nearly there.







23 responses to “Home again”

  1. cristina avatar

    so glad she’s okay and your guys are finally back in the comfort of your familiar surroundings. Here’s to strong babes!

  2. suzy avatar

    So glad to hear you’re all okay and that Astrid is on the mend. I’ve been thinking of you this past week, and hoping it was all going well.

  3. bernadette avatar

    i have just come across your posts about Astrid and i’m sending out my thoughts and best wishes for her speedy recovery. babies are very resilient beings (i know from experience since i too have a baby girl!)so i’m sure astrid will continue to astound you 🙂

  4. Megan avatar

    So glad you all made it through safe and sound. My sister had a similar saying; “this too shall pass”.

  5. jen avatar

    pleased your home
    pleased shes ok

  6. Melissa avatar

    Wonderful news – I’m so glad that everything went well . . . lots of cuddles will have her better in no time!

  7. Arch avatar

    Great to hear about Astrid’s recovery…I have been checking on your blog regularly about the news.

    I am very happy for you & Astrid:-))

    Lots of wishes,

  8. Alicia A. avatar

    So glad to hear she did so well and is on the mend!

  9. lesley avatar

    Glad to hear that it all went ok and Astrid’s on the mend.

  10. kimchi avatar

    omgoodness, i’m so glad everything went smoothly. my thoughts are with you and my poochie and i give lots of xoxo to Astrid-the-Brave! take care. :o)

  11. amy h avatar

    I’m glad everything went so well. Poor baby! Brave parents! Take care.

  12. erin avatar

    ok, so happy to hear good news! take care of that sweet girl and yourself.

  13. Frances avatar

    Glad to hear it went well and hope the healing goes well. That’s a good family saying.

  14. Alison avatar

    So glad to see you back posting and that it went well. Children are such amazing creatures – they heal so quickly. It must be such a relief to have that past week behind you!
    Cuddle her close 🙂 (and make sure there is someone there to cuddle you close too, it is just as draining on you)

  15. nzTebs avatar

    Lots of care and concern for you all from our household – have been thinking about during the last week and hoping you’re doing well.

  16. Lindy avatar

    So glad that you are all home and that everything went well. Sending you all good thoughts.

  17. Veronica TM avatar

    oh, i am so glad you are back home and astrid is feeling a little better, a strong little angel.

  18. alisonmc avatar

    Great to hear she’s been such a trooper. Welcome home!

  19. itziar avatar

    babies are so strong, aren’t they?
    i’m glad everything went well and Astrid’s feeling better.

  20. Bronwyn avatar

    That’s wonderful news, so glad Astrid is doing well, I wish her a speedy recovery. Take care.

  21. Kristy avatar

    I’m glad she’s on the mend.Lots of cuddles are in order I would think xxx

  22. Anna avatar

    Its great to hear that the family is home and that Astrid is doing well!

  23. Nora avatar

    You and Astrid have been in my thoughts for a while now.Today, seeing your comment on my post made me so very happy. I’m glad you’re home and that she’s healing.

    You’re a special mama. x

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