It’s winter and spring

Astrid got a little friend before she went in to hospital – a little bunny for her patch in the garden. It’s a flowery ceramic bunny that Ande made for her. And when we all got back home from hospital there were loads of fresias blooming in the garden.


So before the big rain today we went outside in our sandals and picked fresias and hellebores – both such typical flowers for their seasons; spring and winter. Ach the seasons are a changing. Trees in our street are blooming beautiful crimson blossoms alongside the pink rhododendrons.


I bought some old Agee preserving jars from the charity shop at the old homestead in Pt Chev for ten cents each. Gone are the days where I’d spend fifty dollars on a fancy vase – how my tastes have changed. Although I do still like expensive vases. A Lalique one would be quite nice.

fresias 2

Yvonne (Yvestown) got her swap yesterday – hooray! Here it all is laid out on the table the night I wrapped it all up. Half way through I ran out of my usual white tissue and I had to wrap the rest in whatever I could find. But it was all nicely tied up with my favourite yarn Louisa Harding Kimono Angora.

swap for yvonne

I did go to town a bit and apart from the Cath Kidston items I had a bit of a New Zealand theme going – including feijoa chocolate, the Edmonds Cook Book and the Crown Lynn book. I also sent her a piece of Crown Lynn (pink and green roses of course), a big bag of milk bottles and a zip pouch made from Zambesi silk velvet in antique green. The funny cube thing at the back left has a bell in it. It’s an object d’art for cats by Pussy Galore (um yep, that’s me) and was of course for Boo.


The funny story about the swap is that me being me I left a few bits till the last minute – like making the zip pouches and the merino scarf… and on the Saturday night my new sewing machine broke. Kevin was thanking his lucky stars I had out and out refused to sell my beautiful vintage machine when I bought the new one a few months ago because he would have been in pretty serious trouble then. Oh yes, he was right about that. Fur would have flown.

The reason I’d bought the new one was because I thought the old one had something wrong with it – but the problem was actually with me not threading the bobbin properly so I didn’t need to buy the new one at all. And the old one is actually much more solid and it’s so smooth and quiet. Oops!!


Astrid’s getting back to her old self – I am seriously looking forward to being able to wash her hair in two days time. Her scar has healed so amazingly well – it’ll be hidden very soon as they only shaved off a strip of her hair from ear to ear. She’s still a bit bruised and swollen but she’s very very happy again and back to her little smiley self. I won’t go into detail right now about the hospital. It’s something I don’t particularly wish to re-live.

One thing I would like to say though is if you are in hospital and they are going to do something you don’t think sounds right, question it. Question it again and don’t let them brush you off. We came far too close for my liking to Astrid being overloaded with blood (they gave her 300ml when it should have been 100ml) two days after the operation. And that could have been not very good at all.

Two things that made me happy while we were in hospital were the brown daisy CK duvet I made and Astrid’s crochet blanket. They transformed our little room and I felt almost at home. I created certain rituals about making up Astrid’s bottles; and keeping our room tidy and looking after young Astrid were my full time jobs. No homework was done at all ๐Ÿ™‚


Yesterday we at last got around to ripping out the carpet in our living room. Man is it amazing the difference it’s made. And I am so sick of having old granny throws on our modern furniture to protect it from Plum I’ve just thrown caution to the wind and taken them off. I did make some chair covers out of CK blue pop print which makes our lovely Gelderland chairs look like bach (kiwi for beach house) chairs. I like it. And as you can see so do the cats – that’s Mr Rufus and little Oscar napping in the kitchen while we do all the work.

In a few weeks we’ll have the walls white and the room will be transformed. This is one half of the living room – the other half shall be revealed in due course…

living room

Here’s a little sneak peek of some items being made for Little Orchard. I’ve set an opening date of September 21st. It’s going to be well stocked I tell you!
shop sewing

And here’s my new rimu chest which holds all my fabric and sewing stuff – I love it. And best of all it was only sixty dollars from the Sandringham Road junk shop. It’s in the other half of the living room which is currently my sewing space and Astrid’s play area. I think I’d get too lonely if I had to sew tucked away in a room on the other side of the house. And I quite like kids room decor so I’m surreptitiously spreading it throughout the house. Tomorrow I hang the rainbow butterfly mobile…

sewing table

Alison will laugh to see Astrid’s toys in a wooden bowl. Yep, just like fruit and veg, we also like toys in bowls.

And that my friends is the diary of my past week and a bit. I hope you all have a fabulous and fruitful week.



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20 responses to “It’s winter and spring”

  1. Rebecca avatar

    Have recently disovered your blog and am really enjoying reading. Very pleased to hear Astrid is on the mend and smiling.

    Looking forward to seeing the other half of the living room – your green chairs are fab!

  2. 1snowflake avatar

    Hi there, I have just come across your lovely blog via Yvestown. I hope Astrid is getting better day by day. I am going to add you to my list of favourite sites hope that is ok. thanks Wendy

  3. martha avatar

    So glad Astrid is doing well:)
    Your floors look great! I always love the surprise of pulling up carpet.
    Now I need to go read some of your back posts and find out more about this shop….

  4. Arch avatar

    Hi Charlotte-

    I am so happy to see your posts again and your lovely pics:-)
    I am glad that Astrid is also feeling better.
    Tag, your it!
    Players list 8 facts/habits about themselves. At the end of the post, players then tag 8 people by posting their names and making sure they know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at the tagee’s blog.

    (Do it only if you have the time..otherwise I understand:-)


  5. erin avatar

    so glad to hear that astrid is smiling and back to her happy self! your work in progress look wonderful as does your living room.

  6. Veronica TM avatar

    i am so glad astrid is doing better, that photo of her holding the bunny is the sweetest thing.
    you truly are amazing in all you do and create {that’s why i nominated you as my ‘rockin’ girl here:
    i can’t wait for your store to open.

  7. jen avatar

    Love the bunny how very kind of of Ande

    Yaye Im looking forward to warmer weather
    You must have a very beautiful garden

    Pleased Astrid is getting better
    Hugs to both of you
    Praying you can move forward and get any flashbacks right out of your mind
    onwards and upwards my friend
    with your bubbly cute little girl by your side ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good on you for being an advocate for your wee girl
    Mothers always know best

    sounds like your going to be busy
    iactually like the look of your lounge already
    its nice and BIG

    praying you all have a wonderful week
    its nice to be reading your blog again
    missed you

  8. smallville avatar

    i am so glad that astrid doing better. reading your blog & lovelynz, makes me want to move there.

  9. Emily S. avatar

    Dear lord, your time in hospital sounds a little scary – so glad you’re home safe and sound!

  10. Amy avatar

    oh charlotte, i was so happy to see that you had new photos posted on flickr + went directly to your blog for updates on your little sweet. such beautiful news to read that you are all home + she is safely healing. your love + protective instincts are what will ensure astrid’s tip-top recovery. thinking of you.

  11. Carson avatar

    I’m glad the hospital chapter is over & that Astrid’s ok. What a relief.
    And those freesias…lovely ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Violet & Rose avatar

    Hi Charlotte, I think that you and Astrid are very brave and am so happy to hear you are all fit and well. And your house is looking lovely – and the shop goodies!

  13. lesley avatar

    Yvonne’s a lucky lady! great swap package! Glad to hear that Astrid’s feeling better and getting back to her happy self. Love those pics of your house progressing and that little pouch is very cute. Your work space looks very organised. You don’t want to see mine!!

  14. cristina avatar

    i’m glad things are starting to return back to normal. you sound much more like your self then you did a few weeks ago…..

    i’m loving all the goodies your whipping up…and the pile of things to come for little orchard makes me very curious:)

  15. melissa avatar

    i can’t wait to see this little orchard! that swap looks amazing.
    and… YAY! for astrid!

  16. kimberlee avatar

    oh this is the first time i have made it over to your blog (didn’t know you had one!) and its really lovely to read.

    sounds like you have a very brave little girl and you are right to be a mother who is a great advocate for your child. mothers do know best!

    mind if I link you?

  17. Debbi Baker avatar

    Hi Charlotte – I just found your beautiful blog via a long and complicated chain (I am on holidays so have more time than usual for blog-reading!!) and I am so glad I did! You are so brave – I had such a big lump in my throat reading your Astrid posts.

  18. Tommy avatar

    The fresias and hellebores are beautiful. Thank you for introducing them to me. I love the feeling of seasons changing…

  19. Maria Aberg avatar
    Maria Aberg

    Hi Charlotte – I can’t belive you know people in my street in London! What are the odds, seriously… Glad Astrid is doing better, and your living room looks fab!
    Just wanted to tell you about an etsy shop a friend of mine has just opened with some really nice collages and things:

    All best wishes from England!

  20. alisonmc avatar

    Sweet pusscats! And they don’t eat flowers? Fresh flowers last about 3 minutes in my house. I’m also entirely envious of people who have grown up nice looking houses. I live like such a student… STILL!

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