Good things in them thar hills

Before Astrid went into hospital we bought a pair of little shoes by Tiny Happy in Nelson. They’re just so lovely – and Melissa very very kindly sent Astrid up a beautiful birds t-shirt and a vintage cardi which Astrid wore to hospital. She wore the shoes every day while we were there. They certainly helped us feel more cheerful! This pair my friend Sandii bought for her daughter Mercedes.


Alison has just released her first ever knitting pattern – the gorgeous wrap cardigan we do so love to see on Pia. I’ve said to Alison I think I’ll need to take up knitting once I’ve built my shop. I am going to have to have a BIG rest. Which I somehow don’t see happening. But I would truly love to learn to knit properly so I can make anything past garter stitch squares.

mosaic wrap cardigan

And in other shopping news I just have to recommend Cristina’s cuter than cute linen bibs. Astrid swears by hers and she looks very cute with it on. I was clever enough to work for Astrid’s – both by naming Cristina’s mannequin (now Fifi Trixibelle (sorry Bob)) and creating her blog banner. Cristina sent us lots of other goodies too – just look at these lovely things!

I made my first ever Etsy purchase the other day – a fairytale dreamcatcher by Tamar. I’d seen it on Yvonne’s blog and blow me down if I couldn’t stop thinking about it and go along to her shop and just buy one. I can’t wait to hang it in the office. But you know what I am going to need at least one more to put in the kitchen. Tamar also makes the most amazing fairy crowns and other fairy things – a woman after my own heart!


Only about half an hour ago I spotted Jen’s new Etsy shop – Plainly Jane. Jen is the queen of vintage fabric – which you can buy at her other Etsy shop String and Scissor. Jen’s children’s clothes are utterly lovely – her fabrics are just such a treat. Aren’t these little shoes just so so cute? I shall certainly be ordering a pair for next winter!


I added Yuko’s blog to my links ages ago and then just re-visited a few days ago. Which lead me back to her lovely Etsy shop, Patapri where she sells beautiful teatowels which she screenprints herself. Yuko has also recently created a lovely duvet set.


I know where my next etsy purchase will be – I just love love love her designs. Her blog is lovely and sweet so do go and say hello!






8 responses to “Good things in them thar hills”

  1. erin avatar

    thanks for the great links, charlotte. i think my paypal account is going to take a big hit.

  2. leslie avatar

    so many lovely things, i can barely breathe!

  3. Rebecca avatar

    Goodness – where do I start?!!

  4. Megan avatar

    What a huge load of talented women. Love it.

  5. kimberlee avatar

    thanks for all the links. I really need to browse through etsy more. 🙂

    tiny happy shoes are the best

  6. cristina avatar

    i LOVE those little bitty shoes! and how lovely that they match her bib:)

    …off to figure out how the heck to make those little shoes in big-girl sizes…i NEED those shoes:)

  7. Steph avatar

    Good things indeed! Beautiful things!! That dreamcatcher caught my eye on Yvonnes blog too, theres something about it…

  8. Emma avatar

    So many lovely things!

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