Spring is here

Not officially until next month, but the daffodils say it’s here. Astrid’s on the mend. My lovely new oilcloth arrived today, the sun’s shining and the fresias are flowering and flowering and flowering. How I do so love our garden.


I remember seeing the photos on flickr when the northern hemisphere was starting Spring and I wished it were us. Well now it’s our turn and my heart is happy.

Astrid is looking so much better now – she’s been eating rusks today as you can see. Her swelling and bruising are much better but we’ve still got a week or two until she’s healed. But look – a flat forehead – such wonderfulness – it’s done!!


We’ve had a few more treats in the post recently too – Yvonne sent us some lovely lovely swap goodies – I especially love the little singlet bodysuit she sent for Astrid – I think we’ll use it as togs this summer too. The socks she sent are just so fab – Astrid was wearing the flowery pair when I took this photo so you can’t see them.


She also sent a bag and zip pouch she’d made which smell just utterly divine! And some magazines. The zip pouch is lined with my favourite CK jersey knit and Yvonne embroidered some pretty lanterns and my initials on it. Yay!


The magazines just made me want to run away to Holland and have summer forever. And – you can see Yvonne there on the left with Boo. Now for some reason I didn’t photograph a few bits – but I’ll get them later in action! Thank you Yvonne! We are lucky little kids!!


Thinking about blogland today while I was posting about one in ten – it’s like a little paradise . Such a lovely community which we are so so lucky to be a part of.






17 responses to “Spring is here”

  1. jo avatar

    i´m very glad astrid´s going better, she looks lovely in the pic. yvonne´s swap is amazing, i love her embroidery! lots of love & best wishes from mexico.

  2. Megan avatar

    Wow, are you a lucky little blogger or what?! Yep, it’s a great little community.

  3. Yvonne avatar

    Hi Charlotte, ooooh I’m actually tuning in at my neighbors house, because I still can’t see your site arrrrggghh, and I love this post and all of your previous posts. It is actually true that UPC is taking my sunshine away because I’m missing out and I can’t stand it. How am I going to get this fixed??? Well just to say Hi and Hi from my lovely neighbors :o)

  4. Nora avatar

    I’m so glad to hear that Astrid is recovering well. Hugs and kisses to you both. xo

  5. kimberlee avatar

    Astrid looks so beautiful, happy, and healthy, so glad she is on the mend. What a little star.
    thanks for the recipe, I’ve checked it out and its now on my ‘to make’ list.


  6. Melissa avatar

    Good to see Astrid enjoying her rusks! My Benjamin (9 months in a couple of days) loves them – eats three to four a day . . . I find little bits of soggy rusks all around the house, even in places he hasn’t been! Love the freesias – they have the most heady spring scent. I think I will have to run away to Holland too – I could be happy there!
    Melissa x

  7. jen avatar

    i like the warmer weather and its nice to see the spring flowers when I go for my walks
    nice clothes and bag

  8. cristina avatar

    she’s lookin’ good! and no scars either – modern medicine is pretty amazing.

  9. Steph avatar

    Oh shes the cutest thing!!!

  10. MARYBETH avatar

    AWWWWE.. what a Blessing to know your precious Astrid is doing so well. SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL AND HAPPY!

    I am so enjoying your blog and all the great links.

    Hey- I am up for running away to Holland or any place really where it is not 100+ degrees!
    gentle hugs to your sweet Astrid

    MB in JT

  11. lottie avatar

    I’m ever so glad to hear how well Astrid is doing – I’ve had lots of posts to catch up on; I feel I missed so much by being away!

  12. Rebecca avatar

    What a sweetpea – so glad to hear she is feeling better.

  13. Nonnie avatar

    I so agree, Blogland is fantastic! Now it’s our turn to be jealous of you with those Spring Flowers. Here in the uk we kind of feel like we went straight from Spring to Autumn!
    Such a cute photo of Astrid and lovely things from lovely Yvonne. Lucky you!

  14. Kim avatar

    Glad to see that Astrid is getting better. I love the things that Yvonne has sent you. Here in England we seem to have bypassed Summer completely. Like you I have loved being part of this blogging community

  15. suzy avatar

    Those fresias are beautiful – I can imagine the scent. And Astrid looks gorgeous, isn’t it amazing how quickly babies bounce back?

  16. Jen avatar

    Astrid looks great! What a sweetheart. I agree that babies seem to bounce back increadibly well. Lovely swap items too. I really love that I’ve met so many great people blogging. Its been a really great experience to see what others are doing. I’m so glad your family is doing so well.
    ps. thanks for the mention the other day – you are so sweet. your gift to Livy inspired the scarves on plainly jane. they are so fun to make!

  17. arfi avatar

    I’m pleased to hear Astrid is recovering. Phew… such a worry when a child is ill. I am also happy that Spring is finally here, Charlotte!!

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