A nice Sunday morning

Yesterday morning we got up early and decided to go to the flea market on a photo mission.

This is one of the places of my childhood and teenage life. Every weekend we’d walk up here or catch the bus. And then walk home along the shoreline – along sandy beaches and rocky outcrops. Then up the steep steps up the cliff at Seacliffe Ave to home. More often than not we’d be barefoot and it was Summer when problems arose. The footpaths were literally melting and the grass was full of prickles. Which do you choose?

roses $4

We bumped into Ben at the flea market and arranged to visit him at his new place later in the morning. Stupidly we didn’t buy any of these danishes for breakfast – we were on a hot dog and tomato sauce nostaligia pilgrimage. Sadly that went unfulfilled as the people weren’t at the market this week.


We were however well rewarded for our patience with gorgeous breakfasts later at Devonport Farmers Market.

When we got to Ben’s we just couldn’t believe our eyes at his view! It’s enough to make us want to move to Devonport – but we have other moving plans for next year which I shall disclose in a few weeks time.

kevin and astrid

And because we never go to Devonport without a visit to Cheltenham off we went. This is the place I was lucky enough to spend my early years – right by a lovely, pretty, very safe beach. It’s my favourite place in the world. It’s the first place we go to when we arrive back in Auckland and it’s the first place we always bring visitors.

charlotte and astrid

Well, so much for painting the living room this weekend – but we had the best weekend we’ve had in ages. Oh, and I went and played with an overlocker too. Yes. Watch this space!



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9 responses to “A nice Sunday morning”

  1. kimchi avatar

    oh my goodness those pictures of you guys with Astrid are sooo cute!
    my captions for the first pic:
    1. “HAHAHA! oh geez, you are SO FUNNY! yes yes yes, i know i’m SO CUTE! stop it! Seriously!”
    2. “hm…i think i see a little hermit crab over there that is calling my name…i think we should investigate…what? oh, okay momma, let’s go nap instead.”
    :o)have a great week! ek.

  2. Lori avatar

    What a wonderful weekend! :^)

  3. jen avatar

    love the last photo
    we went to the beach this weekend too 🙂
    Devonport is lovely isnt it

  4. kali avatar

    ahh, love weekend markets. looks and sounds like a relaxing weekend.
    Baby is a real cutie!

  5. Melissa avatar

    It sounds like you had a perfect weekend. And Astrid is looking so well.
    Melissa x

  6. kimberlee avatar

    oh lovely time. When I first visited NZ my (then future) mother in law took me to devonport. it worked because I stayed!

  7. sara avatar

    the danishes look soooo good. Adorable baby, and wait- what? what’s an overlocker? ^_^

  8. itziar avatar

    your pictures with Astrid are wonderful!! (and the captions by kimchi made me LOL :oD) i’m glad she’s looking so good!

  9. Judy Cox avatar
    Judy Cox

    Dear Charlotte and Kevin, [and Astrid- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!}
    Have just found your site and read your thoughts following Cynthia’s dying. Beautifully written. This must be Steiner School influence I say to myself!
    Are you still looking to buy in Waiheke? Coz our tame Land Agent who walks his dog with ours each morning, says he gets goosebumps thinking how valuable Waiheke will be in 3/4 yrs time! We ain’t seen nothin yet. He reckons. Good time to buy even tho prices are huge for shacks in the right position.
    Love your website. Have passed it on to many. Love, judy

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