Kitchen improvements

Last week our national ISP made some ‘improvements’ which meant I didn’t have email for a week. I also didn’t have internet access for three days. At first I was aghast, but then – oh joy – I had so much fun!

One day I made curtains, which I’d already cut out a few weeks earlier. The next day I made floor mats. An idea I’ve had in my head for ages now. It was something I saw in the Nuku Nuku zakka book and so much cheaper than buying rugs.


I used natural canvas ($70 for 10m) from Frosts in Richmond Rd, backing them with natural calico ($20 for 10m). Curtain tape was from Village Fabrics in Mt Albert ($2/m).


The floor mats are backed with canvas and I used some Cath Kidston fabric I bought on eBay for the tops.

We’ve found something called ‘smooth surface sealer’ which means we can paint over varnished wood so the built-in cabinets are all going to become either a blue or green shade of French grey.


So for now I am quite happy. Especially as I have just found some perfectly acceptable oak laminate flooring at Mitre 10 of all places and it’s less than $20 a square metre.


To herald the arrival of Spring our lovely new dreamcatcher arrived from Tamar. And the fresias are still going mad. I picked half of what was in the garden and got two big jars full which you can see on the table.







18 responses to “Kitchen improvements”

  1. Megan avatar

    The oak laminate will really set the whole thing off. Beautiful open spaces you have there. And my freesias are going mad too – yay!

  2. jen avatar

    you have busy
    well done
    like your kitchen/dining room

  3. kimberlee avatar

    I never thought about making floor mats. hmmm. what a great idea!

    the internet going out is always a mixed blessing. way to make the most of it, the kitchen looks great.

  4. erin avatar

    it looks absolutely beautiful!

  5. Lori avatar

    what a beautiful room! good job!

  6. Carson avatar

    You have the most amazing view through those doors, I’m jealous 🙂

  7. lottie avatar

    those doors… the garden…! beautiful. what a great room to spend time in.

  8. Kristy avatar

    What a great space.I love the open feel of it.

  9. Melissa avatar

    What a fantastic kitchen/dining area – I love it! I badly want big French doors now . . .

  10. The Shopping Sherpa avatar

    May I suggest swapping one side of the table’s chairs around so you have square facing bunny (or Mia or whatever the round ones are called these days!)

    Yeah, OK, I’m jealous 🙂

  11. Tommy avatar

    I wish I can stay away from the internet too, I’ll get so much more done. You have a beautiful kitchen, so bright and airy.

  12. Amber avatar

    Wow, these pictures are beautiful. I love the drapes. And I am having a fascination with shades of blue for decorating right now, too.

    I just had to comment on your beautiful eye candy here!

  13. kimchi avatar

    can you show a closeup of the fabric you used for the floor mat top? it looks really nice…
    and the freesias? oh geez it’s like i can almost smell them they look so pretty! :o)
    and love the cute bird-mobile thingy.
    congrats on all you accomplished!

  14. alison avatar

    Your home is looking fresh, bright and very Spring-like.
    Great mat idea. One of the theatre companies I toured with in the past created their own HUGE floor mats and we’d have the audience seated all the way around.
    I think that freesias has to be in my top 10 of favourite smells. They look stunning on your table.

  15. Lindy avatar

    Love your kitchen, it’s so bright and lovely. I’m having a serious case of kitchen envy- we’re still waiting for planning approval for our kitchen extension.

  16. jen avatar

    LOVELY kitchen/dining room. Well done!

  17. Arch avatar

    Wow, are so talented!
    The rooms look so beautiful especially with your creative touch:-)

  18. lesley avatar

    Your place is looking great! Love your curtains and floor mats. What a great idea. It’s so strange seeing your world burst into Spring. There’s been a very autumnal feeling here for a few days now.

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