The gods are smiling

The Good Customer Service planets must have been in alignment on Monday because at 8am the postman left this lot on my doorstep:


And a couple of hours later this turned up:


And then this turned up in my bank account (yes, that’s £ pounds):


All the above came because I emailed or phoned about something not quite right. Nehoc wins the Generosity Prize. They sent me two print packs with screens, bulbs and inks just because I didn’t get the artwork cleanup paper in my starter kit.

Cath Kidston wins the They Finally Get Me award. Long story to do with postage costs and missing items and lamp shades. Junior customer services people didn’t even get what I was talking about and I managed to end up talking to the guy who is even above the complaints department – that was a stroke of luck.

But I can’t believe they have light shades back in stock after the absolute hoohah I went through to get ANY after they failed to send my order so I ordered more – and then told me they were totally out of stock and would never ever have any ever again – so I cancelled the order with the green ones. I now have a lot of them in pink!! And, I hope my new season’s oilcloth turns up soon. Then I will love them again. But only then. And I hope they give it to me – then I shall be ecstatic and say lots of nice things about them!

And EcoStore wins the personal service award. Their products arrived in a courier and the owner of the company will be with me shortly. I so hope we can get to the bottom of the laundry issue. You’re probably right you people and it’s rust spots – but I am still wondering about the essential oil connection…

And speaking of Gods – the Internet Gods were smiling last night when they finally relented and let Yvonne see my blog. Aaaah! After all the effort the two of us have made here behind the scenes – like you would not believe – phone calls, emails to my hosting company and her ISP – it is just incredible to see a comment from Yvonne on my blog – and know she did it from her own computer!

Oh frabjous day 🙂






5 responses to “The gods are smiling”

  1. Lori avatar

    squeaky wheel gets the grease! good job speaking up and getting some customer service in return! :^)

    i have also gotten very nice rewards from saying *nice* things to a company.

    and thank you again charlotte for putting me on your blog roll ! ! ! you are the best. :^) xoxo

  2. Ann avatar

    Such treats! I just got junk mail!

  3. kimberlee avatar

    yeah thanks for speaking up! glad it turned out well.


  4. Megan avatar

    I never get mail like then. But then, I never complain about bad service/products either. I sense a connection…

  5. Megan avatar

    I mean, like that. I never get mail like that. I do spell words correctly on occasion though.

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