Ricotta. And grapefruit marmalade

It’s been a poor year for our grapefruit tree. We’ve only had about ten fruit so far and I think only another six to go. But it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t make marmalade – so I did that yesterday. Not until I’d been out to the trusty Mitre 10 (equivalent of B&Q) in Henderson and bought myself some nice jars. What does it say about you when your current favourite shop is a giant hardware shop I wonder?

I used the recipe from the Edmonds Cook book. I ran out of sugar though and was a couple of cups short but forged ahead regardless. So this morning I jumped out of bed early to check the marmalade. It was the perfect colour, but just like sweet grapefruit drink! Off to the dairy to buy more sugar. Back home I tipped all the marmalade back in the pot and corrected my sugar levels. This time, perfecto.

Always. Follow. The. Recipe. (At least until you know what you’re doing).


Last night I also made ricotta using Campbell’s recipe.


  • 2 litres of milk
  • Heat slowly to 93° in a thick bottomed pot, scraping the bottom as it heats up
  • Remove from heat
  • Add in the juice of one and a half lemons
  • Stir only twice – as in 1 stir, 2 stirs – that’s it
  • Leave 15 minutes
  • Line a small sieve with cheesecloth and scoop the curds into a colander that you’ve also lined with cheesecloth
  • Leave to drain for twenty minutes
  • Fini

Gorgeous together on Vogel’s toast or a nice sourdough.

And – I also want to say thank you so so so much everyone for your thoughtful comments on my post about Mum. I printed them all out and took them over to the family home while we were having the funeral party so everyone who came over read them. Thanks so much – every single one of you who wrote – your support really helped 🙂







14 responses to “Ricotta. And grapefruit marmalade”

  1. kali avatar

    yum ~ now that is a combination after my own heart!
    I’m going to have a go at making that ricotta.

    I’ve been thinking of you, across the ditch.

  2. Megan avatar

    I’m going to have a go at that ricotta too – easy and delicious, my kind of recipe.

  3. Ann avatar

    Yay Charlotte! So good to see you back. Been thinking about you heaps. Ann

  4. Steph avatar

    Glad you’re back! Mitre 10 is amazing, the amount of unhardware type stuff they sell! But jars? Had no idea!

  5. Vicki avatar

    Yum. I am going to make ricotta!

  6. MaryBeth avatar

    Dear charlotte,
    So wonderful to see you back!

    Oh my …this looks scrumptious! why do i read blogs at 11pm when i have the munchies?


  7. itziar avatar

    hi Charlotte!
    you’ve been a lot in my thoughts. good to see you back :o)

    this recipe sounds delicious, i’d love to try it… on the other hand, i like ricotta a lot, so maybe i shouldn’t be able to make it myself all the time…
    mmm, i’ll have to ponder it a bit before succumbing to scrumptiousness!! :oP

  8. Alison avatar

    And now you make ricotta as well.
    And, I hear butter is next.

    I bow before you oh domestic goddess of ricottaness.

  9. di avatar

    Lovely! Thanks for sharing the ricotta recipe- I’ve always wanted to try making it- I’d heard it’s quite simple.

  10. jen avatar

    im pleased your blogging again
    missed u

  11. erin avatar

    making me hungry….

  12. emily avatar

    so glad to find you back here. have been thinking of you, these weeks.

    the ricotta recipe looks so simple and delicious. i think we’ll have to try it here, too.

  13. Aidan Laura avatar
    Aidan Laura

    Really glad that you are making delicious things and back in the world (well online world). I was worried that you were missing spring, but now I see that you are making marmelade when the world gives you (even just a few) grapefruits. That would make your mom happy I bet.

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