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Well, I was aiming to have the shop launched today. And I could if I felt like staying up till 2am. But I don’t do that anymore. And, I am always of the mind that to miss a deadline by only a day isn’t too bad really. There was a Harvard study that said things always turn out better if you miss the deadline – it means you’re doing it properly!

So. All things going well it will be open tomorrow evening. I’ve been documenting the process of making and bottling over the past few days. Today we finally sorted out the Little Orchard shop room – ooh it’s so exciting to have it all there. The result of seven years of thought, learning, practice, experimenting, discussing, preparing.

This is me finalising the fragrance blends for the moisturisers. I’ve also got a new skincare recipe book for me to write the final perfect potions in. Always good to have an ideas book and the proper book of brews I think.


Weighing the waxes. Just small amounts. This is the beeswax for the mature skin blend. Oooh do I love its smell. And cocoa butter. That gets me too. (By default it’s all certified organic – just for the record).


Measuring out the oils. Each blend contains French Sunflower oil – then Borage oil – that’s my favourite – and an oil to suit the different skin types for each product. Although the secret to my recipes, or should I say the feature, is the floral waters. They are my true love. And you shall be seeing and hearing a lot more of them here.


Making the moisturisers. I wouldn’t get very far without the thermometers. Also most useful when making marmalade.


The next day I filtered and bottled a few litres of lavender floral water. I also got some news on my geranium plants. Thomas – my trusty grower has planted out the 250 that survived the winter – all destined to become floral waters for using in moisturisers, serums and facial mists. We’ve organised to go down for the distillation. We don’t know when that will happen. He’s not grown geranium before – this lot is especially for us so it’s all very exciting!

Ah yes, and here’s the Little Orchard table with my new scales for weighing items for the post and my treasured aerial farm photo from the 1950s from New Plymouth. The big containers hold shampoo and conditioner. The white tissue on the table is my new photographic studio, and with the lovely evening light in this room I managed to keep photographing until seven this evening.


Today was the Spring Equinox, and in suitable fashion it rained heavily. Our cherries are starting to blossom. The Kowhai has been for a while now. And the skies were a gorgeous dark grey. I took a small break from my work to capture the mood.


We were going to hoe up half our back lawn on Friday to prepare for the meadow, the medicinal garden and the vege patch, but Dad’s back wasn’t up to it and I was busy building the shop – so that’s hopefully on the cards for next Friday. I’ll be documenting the process of course. Gosh I just can’t wait! I’ve always wanted a meadow.

Over the past few weeks I’ve planted a few fruit trees as well but haven’t manged to capture them nicely yet. I shall keep on trying though and soon the trees will have a little story. Well, goodnight – and see you tomorrow.







13 responses to “Little Orchard news”

  1. Alison avatar

    Oh the excitement literally pours out of this post! You sound so dedicated, so sure of your thought and your product – what a wonderful feeling that is, burning away keeping your heart warm.

    And given the love I have for the Lavender Water you sent, I am sure that dedication and sureness of thought will be given back tenfold by your customers. I for one, will most definately be queuing up.

  2. di avatar

    What a fantastic process – the products sound divine. There’s something quite special in hearing and seeing the work behind it all. Looking forward to the unveiling!

  3. kali avatar

    it certainly sounds very exciting and the passion you have for it all very obvious.

  4. jen avatar

    your a regular little chemist arent you my dear friend

    Pays not to stay up when one has a wee prewcious daughter to look after
    hope shes well and happy

    look after yourself my dear
    have an awesome week ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. jimin avatar

    what you smell is very important to peoples mind and skin. i was makeup artist and certified skin care specialist for 7 years. we always talked about ingredients. i truly believe in aromatherapy. it’s amazing that you can create you own brand. i can’t wait to see your creation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Alicia A. avatar

    Yay! I can’t wait to see all your goodies!

  7. emily avatar

    oh! i love this. i love how much you love it. and i love organic, thoughfully-made-with-love products. so hard to come by. can’t wait to see the shop!

  8. Carson avatar

    I love all those bottles lined exciting!

  9. Nicky avatar

    what an exciting post! I can’t wait for your shop to be open, I’m definitely going to try some of your wares! They sound so good.

    And if it was the spring equinox there than it must be the autumn one here. Consequently it is persisting down, all dark and blustery. I love this sort of weather. It’s a day to be outside, or at home with a cup of tea and a book, not stuck in an office ๐Ÿ™

  10. vintage twist avatar

    You must be so excited, lots of luck.

  11. cristina avatar

    oooh how excited i am!!! and thanks for the tour of the little orchard. lovely.

  12. jen avatar

    Ive tagged you my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. kimberlee avatar

    it looks like a process of beauty and percision.


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