My desktop

Well I have just been asked by Jen to show my desktop to the world. I know I still owe Arch eight things and Veronica some rocking girl bloggers – but this one’s easy – and it has caused me to do a little bit of desktop organising – and also to realise I have a client meeting this morning. I have a 23″ apple cinema display which I’ve had for quite a few years now.

And yes, my background is dark grey. I find pictures too disctracting although very occasionally I might put a photo or illustration up. Usually I will tire of it very quickly and go back to good old fashioned plain old grey.


Still working on the shop. Wrote tonnes of copy yesterday. Today I just need to weigh everything and make sure the postage system is working, and accurate! So close now.







2 responses to “My desktop”

  1. Lori avatar

    dark grey?? seriously .. dark grey?! lol

  2. jen avatar

    thanks for doing this my friend

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