The shop

Well it’s now live. I’ve tested it. But there is bound to be something… if you find any little bugs or glitches please let me know! Otherwise, please enjoy…

It’s the start of a new era I suppose isn’t it now.

To celebrate the new I cut myself a fringe today. How I miss my London hairdresser. Oh well, I’ve decided to just cut my own hair again from now on and I’ll just have fly to London every now and again to get it done properly. I’m sure if I copy what she did I’ll be fine (ha!).







24 responses to “The shop”

  1. melissa avatar

    charlotte, it’s wonderful. what a lot of hard work (both technical and creative) you have put into your shop- and it really is amazing. all the best for this new era. x

  2. kali avatar

    congrats on the opening of your shop. It’s full of lots of wonderful items.
    I cut my own hair from time to time, and only visit the hairdresser very rarely.
    nice job.

  3. itziar avatar

    congratulations, Charlotte!!
    it’s a great little shop. very clean and crisp (i love your designs) and the products look wonderful really.
    i wish you the very best for the new era xx

  4. Astrid avatar

    Congrats on the shop, Charlotte. Such a goodie filled place! Also, you did a great job cutting your hair.

  5. Nicky avatar

    Congratulations! And I’ve made an order. I’ve wanted that calico bag with the purple flower since you first posted a pic of it. Now it shall be MINE. Mwua ha ha ha!

    Poking through the skincare stuff now, once I get back home I think I’ll be trying some of that too 🙂

  6. Marta Mourão avatar

    Hi Charlotte! I love your new shop! And your hair cut too 🙂

  7. kate avatar

    your shop is darling! great job, love the “little orchard” design.

  8. Alison avatar

    Congratulations on opening your shop and may you be forever successful with it.

    How cute is your hair!!

  9. suzy avatar

    Congratulations on the shop! It all looks gorgeous.

  10. leslie avatar

    the shop (and your hair!) looks fabulous! i’m drooling over all the hair and body products, they sound sooooo lovely.

  11. elaine (kimchi) avatar

    What a wonderful shop! It looks wonderful! and Love the haircut too!

  12. Veronica TM avatar

    i just came back from the store, so great!!! love all your items. congratulations!!!
    i also love your hair, you are brave, i’ve been wanting bangs for a long time, but i don’t know if i can control them with my curls.

  13. jen avatar

    love the little bag
    off to have a look at the shop

  14. erin avatar

    well hello pretty lady!

  15. Yvonne avatar

    Oh Goodie, this is such an achievement. The shop looks great and I’m really happy I got some of your stuff in the mail :o) Your hair looks great. I cut my own hair and people find that odd. I have such a curly hair you can’t really see if I go wrong LOL! Congratulations on the grand opening again!

  16. Lori avatar

    yay! congrats on opening!

    and it’s so good to “see” you. ;^)


  17. di avatar

    Wow- congrats- you will of course notice that I went shopping too.. So hard to pick which cards to get!
    I did click on the return to little orchard button, so I hope it worked ok.

  18. Megan avatar

    Way to go, Charlotte.

  19. emily avatar

    the shop looks lovely! can’t wait to have a proper look around (in the light of day). and that hair, hurray!

  20. Steph avatar

    Congrats on the shop, it looks great. I love finding online shops that price in NZ$!

  21. Fiona avatar

    It looks beautiful – congratulations! Love your fringe, too. 🙂

  22. kimberlee avatar

    yeah! congrats on the shop and a successful home hair cut 🙂

  23. Carson avatar

    such good news, I hope it goes really well for you. And you’ve got little ringlets! cute

  24. elise avatar

    yay! mini Betty Page bangs!
    you look beautiful…

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