Thirty thousand today

Looking at my little counter I set up in May or June I think it was we now seem to be nearing the 30,000 visits mark. Oh my gosh how exciting!! I have no idea of knowing who it is, but if you notice it’s you – let me know! (The counter is at the bottom on the right hand side).

Well – wow! Thanks all so so much for visiting my blog – you all help make it what it is. It’s incredibly enjoyable sharing what I’m doing, keeping a record of my life and doing it via a medium I just adore.  Without wanting to sound ridiculously overenthusiastic I think blogging is actually one of the best things that ever happened to me. I would never have otherwise had such exposure to so much creativity – and of course all the friends I’ve made – I love you all!

It’s really bloody brilliant, blogging, isn’t it?







17 responses to “Thirty thousand today”

  1. erin avatar

    and yes, it is brilliant this blogging gig.

  2. Lindy avatar

    oooh I just missed it by ONE! You beat me to it Erin!!

  3. elaine (kimchi) avatar

    darn it! i’m 30,004!
    i still feel special though! :o)heehee!
    congrats! ek.

  4. pixie avatar

    oh, I’m 30011! it is bl**dy brilliant this blogging thing!

  5. Lori avatar

    30,027! you’re so popular ;^)

  6. kimberlee avatar

    your blog is great! thanks for making it!


  7. Alicia A. avatar

    I love your blog too, Charlotte!


  8. The Shopping Sherpa avatar

    Except your counter counts hits not individual visitors. So if I come vist and hit refresh 3,000 times it’s counted as 3,000, not 1


  9. melissa avatar

    i agree. it’s bloody brilliant. 🙂

  10. janet clare avatar

    30099! Thanks for the advice about Joe’s cake – you need to be HERE in my kitchen, now!
    Your fringe looks great- very trendy.
    blogging is indeed bloody brilliant!

  11. shula avatar

    No! It’s me!

  12. jen avatar

    I LOVE your blogs
    You ROCK
    have a good weekend

  13. kali avatar

    congratulations and I have to agree with your sentiments.

  14. Heidi avatar

    Blogging is brilliant! I would also say that it is one of the best things that has come around in a long time. Love your site and keep it going! 🙂

  15. Nikki avatar

    Well, I’m 30523 now! You sure do get a lot of visits 🙂 Must be because it is such a lovely blog.

    And yep, blogging is super fun.

  16. lesley avatar

    Yay! I’m 30652 and I’m not surprised that counter is going up so fast! 😀

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