Like the olden days

I’m sure most of you have noticed my life has been quite full on these past few months. In fact, it’s been full on since last October when we bought a house and had to sell one in a matter of weeks. And then move. And then have a baby. And all the stuff that’s happened this year. I think I’m ready for a rest.

I feel like my blog has been all about hospitals and the shop and mad activity of late, so today I just felt like taking photos of a few piles of fabric, work in progress, new acquisitions and the garden. Just like the olden days.


I’m making some wall bags for kids using demin and my favourite yukata fabric – it’s brown with green, blue and purple windmills – the folded ones – not buildings. Gosh it feels terribly cathartic having a fabric shot here. Ahhhhh. And relaaaax….


Oh and look – a pile of Liberty babycord – the one on the left is tana lawn – soon to be a dress. The second to left shall become a jacket for Astrid and I’m still pondering the other three.


{ click picture to see it large }

The cinnerarias are out. I bought a pair of purple suede shoes on Saturday exactly the same colour. I shall photograph them soon. They are absolute shoe perfection. I am completely in Love.

I have to confess I was outside the other day and just wished the fresias would finish because I can’t keep up with picking them. There was a jonquil as high as my shoulders which I forgot to photograph. You wouldn’t believe the soil here. Pure volcanic wonderfulness.


And, an old-fashioned blog post it wouldn’t be without a little shopping snippet. Original oil from Junk and Disorderly in Onewa Rd. It started a minor bout of art collecting, which, after the acquisition of four paintings in the space of a fortnight, has now stopped.







12 responses to “Like the olden days”

  1. Emily S. avatar

    Your yard looks sooo inviting. I wish I could climb in to the picture and have a cup of coffee there this morning! 🙂

  2. shula avatar

    That painting is fantastic.

    What? You stopped at four?

  3. Lori avatar

    love that painting!

    ah, we’re heading into fall here .. a little sad this year, although usually autumn’s my favorite season. sigh.

    good for you for slowing down .. did you get my invite to nablopomo? ha ha — never mind!


  4. Lindy avatar

    I love the windmill fabric. Purple suede shoes sound lovely- can’t wait for the photo.

  5. jen avatar

    i like the Liberty babycord very pretty

    I LOVE that painting

  6. Megan avatar

    I’d swap my mirey clay for volcanic richness any day. And that Liberty fabric – my goodness.

  7. Kajsa avatar

    I found your blog through flickr and I love it! Your new fabrics look wonderful, I especially love the one that’s becoming a dress. I should make one for my girl too, usually I’m too busy with my shop…

  8. hrsj avatar

    your lawn and gardens are stunning, takes my breath away!

  9. Alison avatar

    I wanna see the jacket… please 🙂 Beautiful fabrics. Got to love the Liberty Love thing. (is there a flickr group for this?)

  10. Steph avatar

    Your garden is gorgeous!

  11. Emma avatar

    What a beautiful garden!

  12. Veronica TM avatar

    oh, i love your “old fashion” posts! your garden could be a painting and those fabrics and the painting…beautiful.

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