I like purple and green


One of my favourite colour combinations is purple and green. So I am happy indeed about all the cinnerarias in the garden. Regardless of whether I can spell them or not.


I made some more 70s purple flower bags this week for shop orders. Big, lined calico shoppers. Yummy! And look… they match my divine new shoes (which by default are Campers).

I made a few extra for the shop and now the home page is awash with purple shoppers.



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6 responses to “I like purple and green”

  1. Lori avatar

    those shoes are *divine*

  2. deborah avatar

    again with those shoes! i must check out campers when i get back …

  3. Emma avatar

    Lovely flowers and lovely bag!

  4. jen avatar

    i like your sandals and bag

  5. Veronica TM avatar

    those photos are so beautiful! the combination of elements and colours…they tell a pretty story.

  6. erin avatar

    i love purple and green together too.

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