Wall bags

When I was at the Steiner school many many years ago one of the first things we made in handwork class was a wall bag. I have no idea what happened to mine.

It was made from beige cotton drill and I had embroidered onto it a green caterpillar – made up of ten circles. One for the face and in each other circle were the letters of my name. C. h. a. r. l. o. t. t. e. Knowing me I gave it away.


We used to each have our own hook at school where our raincoat would hang, our gumboots would be stored underneath (one day my rabbits were stored there too). The wall bag would always hang on that hook. The wall bag was not to be confused with the chair bag.

Usually I would carry my handwork in the wall bag. We didn’t do much sport at school in the beginning. We were such a bunch of artsy bloody wusses most of our PE teachers quit after a few weeks. But when we did have sport I’d carry my PE gear in the caterpillar wall bag too.


So, I decided to make a few. Unisex ones. It was an interesting exercise finding the right fabric that boys would like too. And – this is the first fabric I bought during this current craft mode (London 2005). It’s from Clothaholics. And look how cute it is storing Astrid’s toys.

They’re super easy to make but if you can’t be bothered I have put a few in the shop.








5 responses to “Wall bags”

  1. Elsa Castelo avatar

    Oh, I love those wall bags !!!

  2. lottie avatar

    I think I still have a similar bag but it was not at all beautiful like this one. It was plain red with my initials embroidered in one corner by my grandmother. Oh to have gone to a Steiner school!

  3. jen avatar

    nice bags
    you went to a Steiner school
    how interesting 🙂

  4. shula avatar

    Steiner Girl.

    I should have guessed.

    Very sensitive to the magic of textiles, the Steiner kids.

  5. melissa avatar

    beautiful wall bags. astrid’s toys look so nice in them.

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