Making the meadow (and vege plot)


Friday; Dad rotary hoeing the lower lawn. Below; still hoeing – the grass is all cut. And we still have the nice big shady lawn above.


Saturday we dug, and dug, and dug, and dug. And sifted up the grassy clumps, shook the soil from them and threw them in the (now huge) grass pile. I worked from 9 till 5 with an hour for tea, scones and mandarin marmalade. In between we flopped beneath the grapefruit and flowering cherry trees.


Saturday evening; friends over for a barbecue to admire our handiwork and the beautiful volcanic soil – and to welcome in the new garden.


Early Sunday morning – lovely, well dug, friable soil. But now we have a brunch to go to.


2pm Sunday update: And now I’m off outside to build teepees, plant seedlings in the garden, and seeds in trays. Just back from the garden centre – heritage seeds and bamboo poles in my hot little hands. More soon…







4 responses to “Making the meadow (and vege plot)”

  1. Ann avatar

    I can’t wait to see the meadow when it’s in flower! The weather was too rainy and windy this weekend for us to get in the garden.

  2. Lori avatar

    it’s going to look fantastic. oh, i love a new garden.

  3. jen avatar

    well done to you both

  4. Alicia A. avatar

    WOW! Impressive!

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