Seeds glorious seeds

This afternoon Dad came over and helped build the teepees. We put in the potatoes, some cherry tomatoes, red onions and cabbages.


The rest of the planting will wait until the seeds are ready to plant out. Ooooh this will be an exercise in patience for me. It’ll be weeks!


I planted LOTS of seeds into seed trays.

It was quite amazing as I was planting the seeds – I realised I am such a punnet girl and I was totally excited by what the seeds looked like. I do know what seeds look like – but planting courgette seeds that were, well, courgette seeds – and pumpkin seeds and corn kernels – I was quite astonished by the entire process really.


Such a punnet girl. Maaaan. Not any more I’m not.






8 responses to “Seeds glorious seeds”

  1. tommy avatar

    I never knew that corn grew from corn kernels. This reminded me of the time when I saw brussel sprouts on a stalk at a farmers’ market. I was speechless…

  2. jen avatar

    a very productive weekend
    bet it feels good 🙂

  3. Melissa avatar

    Oh, you are so lucky . . . I wish I could plant a vegie patch . . . but our naughty boxer dog would only dig it up and eat it all!

  4. Steph avatar

    I’m so jealous! That is one huge garden!! I wish I could plant one but even if we had the space we can kill plants just by looking at them.

  5. Megan avatar

    Let me know how your seeds turn out – I always get excited about mine and then they invariably fail. My daughter asked me to buy a punnet of vegetables the other day, and I suggested seeds instead. She hung her head and said all sadly, ‘We don’t do well with seeds.” Unfortunately, too true!

  6. kimberlee avatar

    your garden is HUGE!!!!!! wow.


  7. Nanette avatar

    Love those retro seed packets. Wonder if they deliver to Australia?
    PS Am enjoying the blog!

  8. di avatar

    Wow- fantastic- it looks like your veggie patch is about the size of our entire lawn! Best wishes for your green thumb!

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