Happy birthday little blog

Well this little blog is one year old today. It started over at Blogger and moved here at the end of May. My first ever comment was from Juju (yay – thanks Juju) and then four months later I got my next comment!

Hooray for persistence eh ๐Ÿ™‚

I met Juju in London when I took her felt bead class at Loop. I could only do one day at the workshop – but it was so much fun. Here’s what I made.








17 responses to “Happy birthday little blog”

  1. amysahba avatar

    happy blogthday!

  2. Max avatar

    You really do have a lovely blog! I’m glad you’re here a year later in time for me to discover ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. deborah avatar

    happy birthday bloggy!

    hey, i made felt beads on the weekend. i’ll try to post them, so hard to photograph!

  4. Frances avatar

    happy blog birthday. I’m so envious of you going to a felt workshop with Juju, I love her blog. It was one of the first blogs I discovered.

  5. emily avatar

    happy blog-birthday! love those beads.

  6. Melissa avatar

    Hooray for Charlotte!!!!

  7. itziar avatar

    happy blogiversary!
    i’ve always loved that pic of your felt beads (saw it on flickr a while ago): they would make a nice necklace!!
    this is going to sound selfish, but i hope i will enjoy your blogs for years to come :o)

  8. Nancy avatar

    Lovely bolls

  9. Sarah avatar

    Yay for blogiversary’s! And tons of comments, check it out!

  10. jen avatar


    I LOVE your blogs

  11. Megan avatar

    Happy birthday, blog.

  12. kimberlee avatar

    happy birthday blog!

    I think it took us months before we got a comment. (does your mother count?)


  13. Yvonne avatar

    Many happy blogiversary’s Charlotte! I’m so happy I found your blog. You give me many happy days :o) Hope you’re here to stay for a long time!! I hope you had a big cake with one candle on it.

  14. Lindy avatar

    Happy Blogiversary!!

  15. Lori avatar

    yay! happy blog-birthday! :^D

    i hope you made cake.

  16. elaine (kimchi) avatar

    oh yes happy blogiversary!!! or happy blog-birthday!
    and those felted balls are very nice– the colors and so perfectly spherical…

  17. di avatar

    Happy blog birthday! Glad you persisted with it!!

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