The cuteness of the babychops

Now you may have noticed that I call Astrid “the babychops” quite a lot. Well, let me tell you, I call her that all the time! I have to make myself say Astrid every now and again just so she knows her name.


I posted some photos to flickr recently of her and thought I really ought to put them here too, just for the record.


And, truth be known, she is as smiley as this all the time. We must be doing something right.


Actually, except for the times when she won’t stop screaming. Which does happen. Especially during the learning to crawl phase. She’s so so close now.






16 responses to “The cuteness of the babychops”

  1. cinders avatar

    ooooohhhhh where can i get one so smiley

  2. melissa avatar

    oh, she is indeed so smiley and sweet. i love the photo of her on the crochet rug.

  3. Stacey avatar

    She sure is a cutey. I’m heading over now to visit the Etsy store you mentioned. I love checking out new stuff!

  4. Lori avatar

    sweet happy baby :^)

  5. Alicia A. avatar

    She’s a cutie-pie! Love that big smile so much.

  6. jen avatar

    what a very happy girl 🙂

  7. elaine (kimchi) avatar

    omg Astrid is just too cute! it makes my teeth hurt, she is so sweet! :o)
    glad to see that she is doing so well– and i myself was a smiley-happy-but-also-screamey baby as well! :o) it’s all or nothing, right?! heehee!

  8. Lindy avatar

    She is tooo cute and looks just like her dad!! What a gorgeous smile.

  9. Di avatar

    How cute is Astrid!! I love that smile and the crochet blanket is beautiful!

  10. kimberlee avatar

    what great photos of babychops, she is beautie 🙂
    that granny square blanket is priceless!

  11. Steph avatar

    what a cutie!!

  12. lies avatar

    Cuteness! Cuteness! I think she is a dear. Baby’s have to be supercute Charlotte otherwise you’d chuck them away when they have their trying tiffs!You dress her beautifully btw. Ah great FUN TO BE/HAVE GIRL eh.

  13. leslie avatar

    cutest little babychops around!

  14. kate avatar

    She makes me want one! And one with that adorable sweater!

  15. Nora avatar

    She’s a gorgeous little girl. I love her smile.

  16. martha avatar

    oh my goodness….
    too cute -I can’t take it:)

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