Some clothes for Astrid

I’ve had a pile of Liberty fabrics slowly building up over the past few months. And because I know I’m going to be designing and building web sites solidly for the next few weeks I thought I’d better squeeze in some fun before work hits. And of course ensure Astrid will have some clothes for Summer. (Yes Summer oh where have you gone?)


The hooded jacket I made is an absolute labour of love and the best thing I’ve ever made. Only a few months ago I considered this pattern way too hard – but I did it. I tell you having an overlocker certainly makes an astounding difference. And it makes sewing a lot more fun! The exterior is Liberty babycord in Cynthia’s floral and the lining is Nina (small yellow roses on white) tana lawn.


Also made is a matching top in the yellow Nina tana lawn.


I also whipped up this wee sundress which reminds me of a kaftan that Joan Collins would wear in Dynasty, stiff drink in one hand, cigarette in the other, fluffy kitten heels on her feet. This is the third version of this dress Astrid has had. The other two are here and here. This fabric is Horrel in blue colourway.


Of course the day after I made these I suddenly thought – blind hemming – of course! So the skirts are. And now I know for other things. Blind hem. On the jacket I hand-sewed the sleeve hems and the rest is fine, but the Joan Collins kaftan will most certainly need it.

And at the end of the day where would we be without some nice simple skirts to don atop jeans. I love these and they’re the perfect project for all the little pieces I get from my Liberty supplier. This one’s in Dante. I had to wait and wait and wait for this. I think it’s my favourite.


I can’t remember the name of this one – but it’s an old, traditional Liberty print. Probably why I can’t remember what it’s called.


Oh and on the garden front – my seeds have started to come up – and even better news I am sending them off to a friend’s greenhouse for a couple of weeks to get a little head start in life.

Books used:

Hooded Jacket: Girly Style Wardrobe
Beach dress: Koharu no Fuku (Autumn Clothes)
Skirts + little top: Onnanoko no Fuku (Girls’ Clothes)

I have made a little collection of Japanese craft books here – they link through to Amazon – where you can grab the ISBN and then order from Or order from Amazon if you are that way inclined. I think it works out the same cost although it may be cheaper from Amazon if you are ordering a lot in one go.






26 responses to “Some clothes for Astrid”

  1. Ann avatar

    The clothes are gorgeous! I’m inspired.

  2. Megan avatar

    My goodness, you have been busy. And such beautiful work too. Lucky Astrid.

    And lucky seeds. Mine are sitting out on the deck being hammered by wind and rain. This could provide a clue as to why they haven’t sprouted.

  3. Nora avatar

    I can just picture Astrid in her Dynasty kaftan! You’re a good mama.

  4. tommy avatar

    What a lucky girl Astrid is. My favourite has to be the coat. And as for the last Liberty, I always see it around too but don’t know the name! Dante is beautiful, that one I’ve never seen.

  5. Melissa avatar

    Charlotte – how wonderful! You are just too clever! Astrid will look gorgeous!

  6. Yvonne avatar

    That top! It’s just amazing, I’d wear it myself. Well done for getting an overlocker, they are the best aren’t they?

  7. melissa avatar

    gosh, those clothes for astrid are absolutely beautiful. lucky girl- she will be so well dressed this summer!

  8. betsy avatar

    Wow! I’m so impressed! What a lovely collection of clothes you’ve made for your sweet girl. I’m really digging that Joan Collins kaftan — that fabric is wonderful! Well done you!

  9. erin avatar

    wow! look at you sew! astrid is going to look so cute in all those darling clothes.

  10. Tanja avatar

    Oh, neat! These clothes are so sweet and lovely. I love the Liberty babycord. Lucky girl, Astrid, to have such a talented and efficient mother.

  11. Veronica TM avatar

    oh my, everything you made is so beautiful, charlotte! i am in love with all the fabrics you used {and your garden too!}.

  12. Steph avatar

    gorgeous gorgeous clothes!! But summer seems to be sloooooow in coming right now.

  13. jen avatar

    I LOVE that hooded jacket
    youve been busy
    good on you

  14. Debra avatar

    Hi Charlotte,
    Firstly thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog!! 🙂
    Ooh your fabrics and cute clothes are delicious I must say, I love ALL of the above – that hooded hacket is dreamy!!
    Keep up the super work and look forward to visiting you again, take care Debra x

  15. Lindy avatar

    I love love love everything you’ve made for Astrid!

  16. elisa avatar

    I really couldn’t say which is my favourite because I love them all! Astrid is so lucky and you are so talented. Simply perfect, just simply perfect!

  17. Alicia A. avatar

    Wow! They are all beautiful.

  18. Lori avatar

    you really *were* busy making dresses!!

    i’m really impressed, both by your gorgeous final products and your industriousness! :^) i wish i could finish just *one* thing in my pile!

  19. alison avatar

    I have to say that I’m VERY impressed! The clothes are adorable and beautiful fabrics too. The jacket diagram looks like a toughy – well done for working that one out in particular!

  20. lesley avatar

    You’ve been busy! What gorgeous clothes. Astrid’s a lucky little girl.

  21. Pat avatar

    Charlotte these are lovely! wouldn’t mind that jacket myself!

  22. abelle avatar

    Lovely! What is that, hanging there beside the yellow Nina tana lawn?

  23. charlotte avatar

    abelle – those are napkins – I was given a set many many years ago – they have lasted well!

  24. jessica avatar

    Your children’s clothes are amazing. My favorite is that floral coat. I’m sure your daughter will be the best dressed in town!

  25. Alex avatar

    You really made me gasp. That hooded jacket is just gorgeous!!! So,so sweet, nearly unbearably sweet… *smile*

  26. marcella avatar

    hi…I’m curious about the fabric with the writing on it that is hanging on the clothesline, where did you purchase that?

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