Small things

Following my dream the other night about running away to the Amazon to stop illegal logging I happened upon a rather relevant article in the Guardian. For Blog action day I just thought I’d let you know my little piece I do for the environment – and it is small but it does add up – is that when I’m out shopping I don’t use those little plastic bags to put my fruit and veg in. I just pile them in all loosely into the basket and sort them at the weighing station – and then all loose again into the calico shopper.


On the home front I’ve made more clothes for Astrid – a super cute halter-neck top, pajama pants, more skirts and some jeans on the way. I am supposed to be working so I don’t have time to take photos. Although here are a couple of gratuitous Liberty print shots from the parcel that arrived yesterday. I really just can’t stop sewing though. I am having far too much fun.




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9 responses to “Small things”

  1. Steph avatar

    great fabrics, can’t wait to see what they become!

  2. melissa avatar

    ooh, they’re so pretty. i can’t wait to see more clothes you’ve been making too.
    i do the loose-veges in my basket thing too. i did see online somewhere, that a woman was making sheer see-through cloth bags for that very purpose- i thought that was quite a good idea.

  3. Lindy avatar

    I do the same thing, it doesn’t make sense to put them in bags and then another bag.

  4. jen avatar

    good on you for doing that at the supermarket

    and I do like your fabrics

  5. lies avatar

    Ooooooooooh. Such pretties!!! Yum yum. That lucky little Astrid. Can’t wait for piccies!!!
    X Lies

  6. Debra avatar

    Ha ha dreams hey!! I wouldn’t even dare try to decipher any of mine.. they could have their own blog I reckon.
    Ooh keep having fun with those gorgeous fabrics… you’re on a roll it seems so keeping with it is the way to go. 🙂

  7. kimberlee avatar

    oh yes post pictures when you can, your sewing is always impressive


  8. Anna avatar

    Hi Charlotte,

    Gorgeous-where do you get your Liberty from?? I get mine from Christabel in Havelock Nth, but if there is anyone good in Auckland please let me know. Thanks 🙂


  9. Rebecca avatar

    lovely fabrics – looking forwards to seeing what you make.

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