Baby clothes dans la Shoppe

Ach well – it’s the end of another week – and time for some more productivity photos. My Bernette sewing machine is on the blink again – so I am now permanently back to my trusty old 1970s Janome which I do so love (now I know how to use it properly).


I have made some little tops for the shop. They’re one-offs – made from my tiny wee pieces of babycord I got from my Liberty man. I only just managed to squeeze each little top into the fabric – although there is a bit left for a pencil case or two.


They are lovely summer mini dresses – tops really – they will be so cute avec bikini in summer – but Astrid also looks terribly sweet with hers on over a merino top. That’s a photo for another day.


She was such a good wee model – she really enjoyed crawling around on a bit of calico, chasing the world. Even if she does look rather bored here. Don’t worry, that’s just her special distant model pose.


Oh, and just in case you’re not sure how to get to the shop. It’s this a way.

And here’s a wee outfit I made for Astrid too – she looks like a little wizard in it! Note the lining on the pants – it’s the electric garden from an earlier post this week.


And now my eyes fail me so I’m off for a(nother) glass of sav, to cook the butterfly lamb from the Pyrenees deli on the barbeque and to steam some lovely fresh Spargel (asparagus). Yum.







15 responses to “Baby clothes dans la Shoppe”

  1. itziar avatar

    Astrid’s distant model pose is quite professional… this girl has a bright future ahead!! :o)
    lovely dressy-tops! wouldn’t you try and sew them in adult sizes??

  2. Nanette avatar

    I love the liberty halter necks. So beautiful!

  3. charlotte avatar

    Itziar – that’s the plan!!

  4. Nora avatar

    Oooh, my favourite little girl – and the best dressed!

    [I received your email and will eagerly await your update.]

  5. Marta Mourão avatar

    I love your baby clothes!

  6. di avatar

    I’ve commented over on flickr too- these tops are beautiful! If only I had a little girl… I really don’t think BabyC could do them justice!

  7. Nicky avatar

    All the tops are beautiful, but I am so in love with the fabric in the second picture. Gorgeous!

    *wishes I had a daughter to buy these for*

  8. jen avatar

    what a beautiful model

    and I LOVE the tops too

  9. Danette avatar

    She is so sweet. My youngest just turned two and I already seem to miss the little crawling around roly-poly baby phase. Too much. The clothes are fantastic as well, you are very talented. I am enjoying visiting your site. Thanks.

  10. Lori avatar

    astrid is really rocking her model poses (and expression!) — shame on you for exploiting your child’s beauty! ;^)

  11. Lori avatar

    (if i had tried to put the boys in multiple outfits at this age they would have thrown absolute fits .. girls really *are* different)

  12. Veronica TM avatar

    oh, charlotte, the clothes, the photographs, the model…all so beautiful!
    hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Steph avatar

    They are gorgeous and so is the model!

  14. alisonmc avatar

    So cute! That’s a really nice design and I love all the fabrics. Perhaps Astrid has a future in fashion? Supermodel maybe? 😉

  15. Debra avatar

    Gorgeous tops and baby Astrid is a dream of a model!
    Your barbecue sounded yum!!!

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