Kawaii print fabrics from Sweden

I’ve been quietly collecting some rather lovely pieces of linen from Sweden over the past few months. So this long weekend I sat down and made a few of them into zip purses of many shapes, sizes and colours.

I am so in love with these fabrics – and so when Bernadette blogged about this book on vintage Swedish textiles while back I just had to get myself a copy.


These little green ones are such cuties! They fit my new camera perfectly. Hmmm. Maybe a christmas present to self?


Ah! And look at what I have just seen in the book – although I am surely pleased I didn’t pay 3,800Y for it – that’s around sixteen pounds. Goodness me.


And of course there are more to see in the purse department.



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9 responses to “Kawaii print fabrics from Sweden”

  1. Megan avatar

    Where on earth do you keep getting such amazing fabric from????

  2. Marta Mourão avatar

    Your fabrics are amazing! I also love to collect fabrics 🙂

  3. kate avatar

    wow, it’s like a mystery behind old fabric solved.

  4. Pat avatar

    mm love the green and white fabric.

  5. erin avatar

    all gorgeous, charlotte!

  6. Lori avatar

    ooh, lovely lovely linens.

  7. kimberlee avatar

    what beautiful fabric! love shop update too


  8. Debra avatar

    Uh those fabrics are beautiful!! Great purses!

  9. […] I can’t wait to get them when we arrive at our new house on Wednesday! It really will feel like a new beginning. But a new beginning of returning to my roots – a bit like 2007. […]

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