Ruby & Sol


One of the best shops in Auckland – run by a very old friend – if you’re in Auckland you must must must visit. It’s full of amazing stuff and it’s actually affordable – such a rarity these days in shops of this ilk. Sherry buys her pieces from all over the place – some of it her daughter Rachel sends over from the UK.

When we first discovered her shop in February we could barely contain our glee – and now Sherry’s got a permanent shop we are very happy indeed. And in case you’re wondering who ‘we’ is, that’s me, Polly and Fay. Fay is Polly’s mum. Maybe this is a story partly about old school friends and being friends with their mums too.

More about Ruby & Sol over at Lovely Shops.






2 responses to “Ruby & Sol”

  1. kimberlee avatar

    oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!

    I am going there tomorrow! I would go right this instant if I could teleport myself and they were still opened.

    your pictures of this place are equally great!

    -kimberlee (can you tell I am a little excited?)

  2. Debra avatar

    Wow weee what a great looking shop!! Right up my street!! Well not literally but only a few mins in the car!! Ha. I will certainly visit there too one day soon hopefully – thanks for telling us all about it 🙂

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