Seeking help from Japan

I’ve been buying a lot of fabric from Japan recently – because I find it so much fun and I just love Japanese fabrics. Today I found a site that buys for you on Japanese Yahoo auctions but the fees are enormous.


So, I thought I would put the question out there… is there a nice person out there who lives in Japan, who can help me buy a few things each month and at the end of the month send out the fabrics to me?


Naturally it will be a business arrangement with a commission or fee or maybe even free skincare for you! – something to make it worth your while. If you think this might be you please send me an email and we can find a way to make it work that’s good for both of us.


The fabrics in the photos are some examples of things I saw today that I would love to buy. Thank you so much!







9 responses to “Seeking help from Japan”

  1. kimberlee avatar

    oh, if only we all had international fabric brokers


  2. lies avatar

    Honey those fabrics are fab.Droooooool.

  3. erin avatar

    email me – i might have an idea for you.

  4. The Shopping Sherpa avatar

    I’d contact good-ness ( who lives in Japan and sells japanese fabric on Etsy…

  5. Steph avatar

    Thats the curse of living here, the postage kills any savings you might have made on the fabric.

  6. Kristy avatar

    Oh I would love a personal Japanese fabric buyer!

  7. jen avatar

    they are lovely arent they

  8. Amber avatar

    What a fabulous idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to travel to Japan every couple of months to pick up your fabric yourself! I’d love it…

  9. Jacqui avatar

    Hi! I live in Japan!

    I just found your blog via Anemone. After reading through the whole thing I have just realised you’re Charlotte from Lovely Blogs! So funny how the Internet makes the world so small.

    All the best with your move back to London.

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